Mount Minya Gonkar
The Minya Gonkar is located nearby Kangding County of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China. It is the highest mountain in Sichuan Province. It is also known as Minya Gonkar Riwo in Tibetan. It is situated in the Great snow mountain region between the Dadu river and the Yalong river. It also is known as the Daxue Shan mountain range in Chinese. There are at least 109 mountains on Earth with elevations greater than 7,200 meters above sea level. The vast majority of these mountains are located on the edge of the Indian subcontinental and Tibet, with some peaks in Central Asia. The Minya Gonkar is the 41st highest mountain globally and its third highest mountain outside the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Kongur Tagh. The mount Minya Gonkar is also called the king of the mountain in Sichuan. The shape of the mountain is quite amazing as the pyramidal mountain.   Minya gongar         According to the remote measurement of the mountain, currently 7556m above sea level. Until the 1930s, there were rumors that Minya Gonkar might be higher than Everest. There are many different measurements for the mountain from different explorers, but the current measurement was measured by an American expedition in 1932 and approved by the National Geographic Society. The eastern side of the mountain has a moderate climate, and the west side of a mountain has a dry and harsh climate. It is located in Minya village of eastern Tibet. It is surrounded by Tibetan nomads as there are thousands of Tibetan living nearby the mountain range. Tibetan people also considered the holy and sacred mountain, and every year, many Tibetans come for the pilgrim. In fact, every year, so many foreign mountaineers come for the expedition. It was first climbed in 1932 by an American expedition and did intense surveying work with the area. Since after that, only seven expeditions were successfully reached the summit, and many mountaineers attempt to climb but end up dead by avalanche and fall from stiff ice walls. The steep glacier slopes are up to 45 degrees, and danger of avalanches. The access point is from the northwest ridge of the mountain. Many tourists come for trekking and hiking around the mountain, for the trekkers the spend a week or more. The mountain is accessed from the Lamasery Gonkar monastery west of the Minya Gonkar. From Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, one can travel by car via Kangding or a flight from Chengdu to Kangding county and Shade to Liuba. Mostly the trekking starts from Kangding town and the Minya village. From Kangding to Shade and Liuba takes around two days by car as there are some bad roads and had to cross many high passes. One can also access the area from the east side of the national park with intense touristic activity. Three out of the eight successful expeditions entered the area from there via Yanzigou Valley, situated on the northern side of Minya Gonkar. Minya gongar         For the Mountaineers, start from the Lamasery Gonkar monastery and served as the base camp. It is elevated at an altitude of 4380m above sea level. Lamasery Gonkar monastery is one of the most isolated monasteries on the planet. Nestled into a steep valley on the western side of Minya Gonkar, it was built over 700 years ago. Although it endured a quiet period following the cultural revolution, it has revived some in recent years. The travelers mainly take a night at the monastery while doing the tour. A huge icefall blocks the direct access to Minya Gonkar from Moxi via Hailuoguo Glacier; up to now, there were no successful ascents from there, and the way from there to the base camp would take several days. There is a big difference in the temperature in the summer season. In the mountain with 5000m above sea level at daytime, it is in zero degrees Celsius, and at night, it is under minus twelve degrees Celsius. Minya Gonkar can be climbed before or after the monsoon, either in April/May or September/October. The weather is usually volatile even during these times because the mountain group rises high above the surrounding area and thus creates its own weather. The weather in autumn seems a little more promising than in spring. The Mountaineers have to get a permit for the expedition from the Sichuan Mountaineering Association in Chengdu, China. The only building in the area is the lamasery, so camping is the only way. There is a lot of scrub up to 5000 m altitude - one might have to look a while for a perfect place. A good basecamp site is at about 4380 m. There is also running water (at least sometimes). The little valley is avalanche-safe, and there are lots of birds singing, a beautiful place. Minya gongar         It is normally a week to do Minya Gonkar trekking, and within this week, it will be a full adventure by trekking and camping. The traveler can witness lots of beautiful landscapes and rare species of birds and other wildlife animals. First-time travelers to mount Minya Gonkar risk getting Acute mountain sickness due to changes in altitude, temperature, and air pressure. The trekking places of mount Minya Gonkar are elevated between 3500m to 4800m. As the precaution is better than cure, the traveler should drink more water than you need every day and wear standard altitude attires. The Minya Gonkar is a serious and harsh trekking place. Hikers need to be adequately fit to do it. The trekking involves walking at an elevation over 3500 meters, and each day the walking distance is about 15km and takes almost seven hours. Travelers who have never been to this height before are suggested to consult with your doctor before you go. The necessary trekking accessories should be ready by travelers.
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