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Jeff CarmeanJun,26 2017 15:12:02
Hi my wife and I have a Chinese visa and want to visit Lhasa in late September 2017.  After reading this page it will cost $140 each as we are from US.  Does this mean that you can get us travel permits for that price and we don‘t have to actually be part of a tour?  I am confused a little in this part.  We want to see see Lhasa for 3 days any info is welcome.  


admin07-042017): Dear Jeff Carmean

If you are entering Tibet from a city in Mainland China then your Chinese visas are great. But if you are enter Tibet from Nepal then your Chinese visa will be canceled and the embassy will issue new Chinese visa which is called Tibet Group Visa. That visa is not attached inside passport instead it is printed on an A4 size paper with detail information of your passport and from which date you will enter Tibet and so on…Therefore if you enter Tibet from Mainland China then no need to worry about this page.

Tibet Travel Permit Tibet Travel Permit is very essential and must for foreign travelers traveling to Tibet it can be obtained within 18 days. So we request and appreciate you to confirm booking a tour at least 18 days before your trip starts the earlier the better. Then we have enough time to prepare and to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you.
Will need you to send us clear scan copies or photos of passports and Chinese tourist L type visa. If other type of visas need also either work permit or invitation letter. Once I receive all your documents with your tour deposit then I will process them further to work on the Tibet Travel Permit.

Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
Al AllingtonJun,21 2017 10:23:36
I am in China for six months. I want a Tibet alien travel permit. Can I get an e-permit?
admin07-142017): Dear Al Allington

Tibet Travel Permit:
Tibet travel permit process takes around 18 days and we need 3 days to send you the permit in mainland China so we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa. Yes we will take care of the permit for you.

For Alien permit some of areas require it can you please let me know where would you like to visit in Tibet ? Also all the permits are paper permit We can mail it to mainland China.
Best Regards
Rex (Your Trip advisor)
Livia StaudingerJun,20 2017 22:41:21
Der Explore Tibet Team
Me and 3 Friends would like to travel to Tibet during the Golden Week. So we are looking for a tour that starts on Sat Sept 30th or Sund Oct 1st lasting for 6-8 days. We would like to start in Lhasa. For the itenery we are open minded but preferring to go to to the Everest base camp.

Do you have tours availabe for this time slot as well as 4 people? If yes could you please send me an offer including itenery and cost overview?
Thanks and looking forward to your answer :-)
admin06-212017): Dear Livia

Tibet tour information:
Here I recommend you join 8 days Mt. Everest group tour on 1st Oct. but please confirm as soon as you can there are only 6 seats available and many travelers are booking on this date.
Why 8 days EBC group tour?
1 this is the most popular trip in Tibet we nearly have more than 3000 travelers in a year taking this trip.
2 this is the highest mountain must be once in a lifetime.
3 you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset and sunrise of Mt. Everest.
The cost for 8 days EBC exploration group tour is USD950 per person in Oct 8 Days EBC Exploration Group Tour

Best Regards
Rex (Your Trip advisor)
Rajiv lochanJun,17 2017 22:08:20
Iam a U.K. citizen living in India for the past 3 years. I have a OCI card which allows me to enter and stay in India indefinitely. I would like to visit Kailash Manasarovar the forthcoming year. Could you guide and help me.
Best wishes
admin06-192017): Dear Rajiv lochan
If you hold UK passport yes we can help you apply for the travel permit the process takes more than 1 month.

As you are traveling alone I highly recommend you joining our group tour 15 days Mt. Kailash tour based on maximum 10 travelers in 1 group to share the cost with other travelers. Because solo traveler going for the Kailash tour costs too much and usually would choose to join in a group to make friends with travelers from all over the world.

15 Days Kailash Group Tour http://www.exploretibet.com/tibet-group-tours/15-Days-Kailash-Tour.html

Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
Sofia ChristoJun,14 2017 18:24:30
Considering visiting Tibet from Nepal in November. Would like to know tour options and if it‘s possible to get there over land.
admin06-162017): Dear Sofia Christo
Please note: if you plan to come to Tibet from Kathmandu Nepal you don't need to apply for Chinese visa all you need to do is to send me clear photo of your passport main page we will apply for the Tibet travel permit here in Lhasa at the same time we will obtain the Tibet group visa invitation letter (TTB) and send it to our Nepalese agent named Prakash. He will arrange meeting you at your arrival in your hotel in Kathmandu and collect your passport to apply for the Group Visa which is compulsory for travelers entering Tibet from Nepal you will pay for the visa fee and the agent’s service fee to him directly this fee is not included in our tour cost. The embassy accepts cash USD only the money must be clean new USD not torn no scratches old series or ink printed dollars. And you need to also bring some passport-sized photos.

If you don't have dollars but you will be staying in Nepal for a few days you can pay him in nepali currency equivalent to USD with the market buying exchange rate.
For the price you can refer to this link http://www.exploretibet.com/visa-permits/ just for reference.

Your schedule in Kathmandu should at least be like below:
Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2: group visa apply (must be embassy working day)
Day 3 :group visa collection(must be embassy working day)
Day 4: depart to lhasa

But please note the border between Nepal and Tibet was closed since 2015 due to the tragic earthquake. So the only from is taking a flight to Tibet.
Tibet tour information:
For your reference Here I advise you to do 8 days EBC 8 Days EBC Exploration Group Tour
exploration group tour. But please let me know your travel time and number of travelers I can tell you’re the cost and departing date accordingly.
Why 8 days EBC tour?
1 this is the most popular trip in Tibet we nearly have more than 3000 travelers in a year taking this trip.
2 this is the highest mountain must be once in a lifetime.
3 you can enjoy the most beautiful sunset and sunrise of Mt. Everest. Please check the photos which taken by on 12nd May.
Kelly MarxJun,14 2017 13:49:12
My name is Kelly Marx and I am looking to travel to Tibet in December or January. I am currently working in Xiamen China on a Z Visa. I want to travel to Tibet when my contract is over. I will be on an exit visa. Is it possible to travel to Tibet on an exit visa? If not please let me know what I should do.
Thank you!
admin06-192017): Hi Kelly
In my own opinion you better travel to Tibet with this Z visa just provide me with your work permit or company invitation letter. That will be enough.

Thank you!
Have a wonferful day!!!
Best Regards
Rex (Your Trip advisor)

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