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MIHALAS StelianAug,14 2015 19:21:29
arrive by train on aug. 22 17:40. need a permit a very cheap  hotel or guest house. can share a 2-bed room. want to visit a couple of monasteries by joining an existing group.
will leave next day aug. 23 by the Beijing train (15:30 or so).
admin08-282015): Dear MIHALAS Stelian

Thanks for your inquiry this is Mia from Explore Tibet I am very happy to be your personal trip ad visor I am confident that I can answer all the questions you may have based on my own experience and help you plan a memorable tour in Tibet.

Explore Tibet is one of the few Tibetan owned agencies based in Lhasa we practice Responsible travel by using local services and employ locals as much as possible. We use Tibetan drivers and tour guides for their strong Tibetan Cultural and religious background to make your travel unique and authentic.I am sorry to inform you that it’s impossible now for us to obtain the permit for your arrival on the August 22th. Because the permit application takes around 15 days your time is not enough.

Perhaps due to the 50th Tibet anniversary the Tibet travel will be closed for foreigners during early September. It’s not confirmed yet no official announcement we would suggest you to book the tour for arriving after middle of Sep. Is that possible? Just in case

If you have any idea please feel free to contact me. Looking forward your reply.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
jon elizburuAug,12 2015 23:02:57
25th of September Shanghai- Lhasa by train (2pax)
07th of October Lhasa-Shanghai by train (1 pax)
Lhasa – Yamdrok Lake – Gyantse – Shigatse [3836m] 350km 7 hours
Shigatse – Shegar (New Tingri) [4500m] 240km 4 hours
Shegar – Rongbuk monastery [5000m] – Everest base Camp [5250m] 100km 4 hours
EBC – Lhatse [4350m] 190km 5 hours
Lhatse – Lhasa 430km 9 hours
admin08-162015): Dear Jon You have mentioned that you would like to take the Train from Lhasa to Shanghai to Lhasa on September 25th. But all the train tickets from Shanghai to Lhasa on September 25th are sold out. I would suggest for you to book the Train Tickets from Lhasa to Shanghai.
As from October 1st to 15th is the China National Holiday so there will be thousands of domestic travelers will be coming into Tibet so if you want to book the train tickets then I would Highly suggest for you to book the trip as soon as possible so that we can book the train tickets accordingly. Else you can see the No. of Train seats. So it is very limited if we late.
Regarding your Trip fully based on your trip information there I re-customize an itinerary please check them below and there is a slightly changes are there as I added the visiting of Namtso Lake which is the highest salty lake in the world and it is also extremely beautiful and worth worthy to visit as you will also visit the Tibetan nomadic life.(Kalsang)
Ian Gregg GardinerAug,12 2015 11:15:12
I would like to tour Lhasa From September 15 to September 18 leaving on September 18.
I will arrange my own flight from Xian.  I am a tourist from New York.
I would like to take the train from Lhasa to Xi Ning on September 18.
admin08-162015): Dear Ian If you want to do 4 days group tour in Lhasa then we have several fixed departures and as per current permit policy it’s better if you travel after 15th Sep due to 50th Anniversary of Tibet meeting holding in Sep. We received notice from Tibet Tourism Bureau and local government that all groups need to depart before 31st Aug and enter after 15th Sep. Please plan your trip accordingly.
Hope everything is clear to you if not then please don’t hesitate to ask me.(Samdup)
Susan SaladoffAug,11 2015 02:17:26
My friend and I wish to visit Tibet from September 20-24 2015.  Can you tell if that would be possible what you would suggest for that time frame and the cost?
Thank you.
admin08-162015): Dear Susan
We have group tour with maximum 8 people in one group check the itineraries/price per person/fixed dates here in this link please:Tibet Group tours

Please check the private tour itinerary which I sent to you by email and let me know your idea please.(Sherry)
PriyaAug,10 2015 09:22:55
Hello I am from Malaysia and I am checking for Tibet (spiritual) tour for 2 weeks and it should be for a small group about 3 people.Can you please advise me on the itinerary as well as the cost? Really appreciate your help.
Thank you.
admin09-012015): Dear Priya
There is no problem to arrange the spiritual tour for you and usually 10 days is enough to do a spiritual tour Tibet Tours
for that please let me know which month you will do the tour so that I can send you the details accordingly.
Hope it is clear to you if not then please feel free to ask me.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Advisor)
Mary Anne SticklerAug,09 2015 00:12:57
We are interested in taking the 8 day EBC exploration tour for 3 people.  We will be arriving in Kathmandu on October 16 and leaving Kathmandu on October 27.  Will you arrange for our Chinese visas and flights from Kathmandu to Llasa?
admin09-012015): Dear Marry Anne Stickler
If you want to do a private tour for 8 days EBC exploration then we can arrange the tour for without any problem with Tibet permit. For visa you need to obtain Tibet Group Visa (TGV) in Nepal and for details please check atTibet travel permit The fee is not included in out tour cost but we will help you to obtain that through our agent.If you want to save some money then we also have group tours in Oct and please check the details atTibet Group tours

Hope everything is clear to you if not then please feel free to ask me.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Advisor)

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