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JyotiAug,20 2015 20:34:04
I plan to visit Tibet
from 10th Sept to 24th 2015 travelling from Melbourne to TIbet.would you please be able to share the cost and itenary. Along with visa requirements. i would like moderate trek and mostly cultural & scenic local routes
Female in 40‘s
Best regards
admin08-312015): Dear Jyoti
Tibet traveler permit process take 15 days and we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa before 20 days your departure date for permit application.There is no direct flight from Melbourne to Tibet so you maybe need to flight to Beijing and to Lhasa. If you will take plane to Lhasa you will need to give me your last hotel’s name/address in mainland China before flying to Lhasa so that when your permit is issued we will mail it to your hotel that usually takes 3 days with the permit you can board the plane to Lhasa. Thank you.
According to your interest I recommend our 13 Days Holy Lhamo Lhatso Trekking for you.But this tour unable to vist because the permit will not issued to go to this place. As there are only one of you in the group then I recommend you to join our group tour departure on September 20th our 8 Days EBC Exploration group tour8 Days EBC adventure
departure on every month with maximum 8 travelers & Fixed Departure Dates. As only one of you you can join a group tour can share the fees and funs with other travelers.
Please and let me know your idea thank you. Looking forward to your reply!
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
WANG YOUWENAug,20 2015 15:08:29
can i check with you if it possible to do a free and easy trip with the local China chinese in Tibet.
i am a chinese from Singapore (free visa from Singapore (visa free to china 14 days) except tibet
admin08-312015): Dear WANG YOUWEN
Thanks for your inquiry this is Sherry from Explore Tibet I am very happy to be your personal trip advisor and I hope me and my team can offer you a memorable tour in Tibet.
Explore Tibet is one of the few Tibetan owned agencies based in Lhasa we practice Responsible travel by using local services and employ locals as much as possible. We use Tibetan drivers and tour guides for their strong Tibetan Cultural and religious background to make your travel unique and authentic.If you are holding Chinese citizen ID card then you can travel to Tibet freely without Tibet travel permit.But if you are holding Singaporean passport you will need to obtain the Tibet travel permit for your Tibet trip the process takes at least 15 days. You need to first book a tour with us then we can help you apply for the permit and that will need you to send clear photos or scans of your passport and valid Chinese tourist visa. If traveling within 15 days then no need Chinese visa only passport copy is enough. Details of permit please check Tibet travel permit
please check on our website for tours you are interested in let me know your idea please.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
KudumlakiaAug,19 2015 17:18:28
Would like to know can a group with different nationality apply for a group Tibet permit or have to apply separately?
admin08-312015): Dear Kudumlakia
A group with different nationality can apply Tibet visa together. So Please do not worry. Firstly I would like to give you some information our Tibet Travel Permits. Tibet Travel Permits is an essential permits needed for all the foreign travelers and this permit can be obtained at least 15 days. To apply for the Tibet Travel Permits I will need you to send us your clear scan copies of passports and Chinese visa. Once I receive all your documents with your tour deposit then I will process them further to work on Tibet Travel Permits.Then I will need to know the following and then I can help for customizing a better trip.Please let me know the specific date of your arriving in Tibet and how many days are going to spend in Tibet if possible in this case I am able to draft an itinerary for you.Besides we need to know from where you will enter Tibet and exit Tibet? based on these information I give you more information about the Tibet Travel Permits and everything.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
Frederick TingAug,19 2015 13:26:46
I am interested in this 8 days EBC tour. Is there confirmed tour group leaving on 10 October 2015.
I would like to visit Namtso Lake after this trip. Can it be arranged?
admin08-312015): Dear Frederick Ting
Yes we have confirmed travelers for GroupTour 8 Days EBC Exploration departure date from October 10th. There we already confirmed with 4 travelers and if you can join with our group tour then you will be the 5th traveler. Here now I drafted the detail tour itinerary and please check them carefully;8 Days EBC adventure

Thank you so much and always looking forward to hear from you.
Have a nice day!!!
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
Maggie ShangAug,18 2015 09:58:53
Dear sir/Madam
I am from Sydney and I want to visit Tibet from the 19/10 to the 23/10 or 24/10. I wanted to visit Lhasa and Namtso lake during my short stay in Tibet. Do you customize tour for me? Price? I also need your help to get Tibet entry permit I am holding Australian passport. What do you charge for that? I will organise a China visa myself in Sydney and I will organise a flight myself from Guangzhou to Lhasa.
Please advise whether you are able to provide customised tour to cater my need.
Look forward hearing from you.
Best regards
admin08-282015): Dear Maggie Shang
Yes I can help for customizing a beautiful tour itinerary for your trip in Tibet here 1st I would like to give you a brief information about the Tibet Entry Permit or there we call Tibet Travel Permit. Tibet Travel Permits is an essential permits needed for all the foreign travelers and this permit can be obtained with 15 days so we request and we appreciate you to confirm the tour before 15 days of your trip departure or in advance. So that we can work on Tibet permits smoothly. To apply for the Tibet Permit.http://www.exploretibet.com/visa-permits/ I will need you to send us your clear scan copies of passports and Chinese visa. Once I receive all your documents with your tour deposit then I will process them further to work on Tibet Travel Permits.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
Jasmine SAug,17 2015 08:30:25

I am very interested in the 10 day Tsurpo to Yanpache nomadic trekking tour and would like to do this in October. However I am travelling by myself but would prefer to do this in a group. Is it possible to join other people already doing this tour? Otherwise are there any group tours that include trekking?

Thank you for your help
admin08-282015): Dear Jasmine.S
I am so sorry to inform you that rest of the trekking in Tibet are not good in Oct the group tour is available and if you want then you can join it. The tour is for 15 days.Moreover there is no yaks and potters available for other trekking routes. Please plan your trip accordingly.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Advisor)

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