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davideJan,23 2017 23:17:10
what‘s the temperature inside and outside the guest house in ECB during summertime ?
admin01-272017): Dear Davide
The temperature inside of the Cozy Tent Guest House is around 10 – 20 degree celcious but the out side will be cold but the temperature will be around 3 – 15 degree celcious. But Sun is very strong and its much warmer in the day time.
As you are interested with our Group Tour 8 Days EBC adventure the nearest tour departure date for you is from 29th of July & August 2nd. Also we organised all the group tours with fixed departure date with small size of the group tour but if you are interested to take the trip as Private Tour just for 3 of you then we also can organise it and you can also pick up your own departure date for your trip.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Regina Garcia de AlbaJan,23 2017 10:13:21
I‘m interested on a 4 day tour to Tibet for 2 adults we‘ll be arriving on april the 20th (early in the morning by plane from Xi‘an and leaving on the 24th by plane as well going to Shanghai most probably) I would like that it includes the following itenerary:
20th - Arrive to Lhasa- Potala Palace Jokhang Temple Barkhor Street & Samye Monastery.
21st - Drepung Monastery & Sera Monastery
22nd - Namtso Lake Yampachen Hot Springs.
23rd- Leave Lhasa
Is it possible?
We were thinking about a 3 star hotel.
How much would it cost?
admin01-262017): Dear Regina Garcia de Alba
Actually it is possible to organise a Private tour to visit all the mentioned places in 4 Days but as Tibet is a very high plateau we felt that its better for you have a more relax tour itinerary so that you can enjoy the tour & also will get appropriate time to acclimatise the altitude before you reached at the Lake Namtso. Here I revised the tour itinerary please check:
6 Days Tour itinerary;
Day 1 Arrival in Lhasa;
Day 2. Lhasa Sightseeing;
Attractions; Potala Palace Jokhang Temple & Barkhor Street;
Day 3. Lhasa Sightseeing;
Attractions; Drepung Monastery & Sera Monastery;
Day 4. Lhasa – Namtso – Lhasa;
Attractions; Northern Nomadic family Namtso Lake Yangpachen Hot-spring;
Day 5. Lhasa – Tsedang – Samye - Tsedang;
Attractions; Yarlung Valley Samye Monastery & Yumbu Lakhang.
Day 6. Departure;
How about this tour itinerary it has full 4 Days of visiting Tibet during your trip but you need Day 1 and Day 6 for entering Tibet & Departure.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Ankit Kumar MishraJan,23 2017 06:04:05
Hi I am a planning to travel to Kathmandu via Beijing and Lhasa (all overland trips).I would be reaching Beijing from Moscow using the trans-Mongolian rail in the 3rd week of April 17. I am a budget backpacker. Please tell me the cost for the Lhasa-Kathmandu part using your agency. I am an Indian citizen and traveling back to India from Europe.
admin01-252017): Dear Ankit Kumar Mishra
How do you like to enter Tibet from from Beijing? Are you taking a train to Lhasa or a Flight?
As you are single traveller we would suggest to join with our Group Tour 8 Days EBC adventure. based on your Trip information we think its good to enter Tibet by train from Beijing to Lhasa and arrive on 23rd of April that is the starting date of the Group Tour 8 Days EBC Adventure. Though this tour itinerary will be ended in Lhasa and you will have to take the Flight to Kathmandu on April 30th. As the Tibet Nepal Border was closed since 2014 the government announced that the border will remain closed for another 3 years at least as it is under construction.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Tony ReidJan,20 2017 11:52:43
I currently live and work in China with a work visa. I‘d like to go to Tibet hopefully early April late March. What do I need to do? My visa expires around that time. Should I renew my visa and travel to Tibet or wait until it expires? Which is easier?
admin01-242017): Dear Tony Reid
When will your visa expire? We need your visa to be valid during the whole time of your staying in Tibet.
Permit info:Tibet Travel Permits is very essential and must for foreign travellers travelling to Tibet it can be obtained within 15 days. So we request and appreciate you to confirm booking a tour at least 15 days before your trip starts the earlier the better. Then we have enough time to prepare and to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you.
Will need you to send us clear scan copies or photos of 1.passport and your 2.work visa plus a 3. work permit or company invitation letter (the letter templates please check the attachment). Once we receive all your documents with your tour deposit then we will process them further to work on Tibet Travel Permit.
Tour info:
If you are travelling alone we suggest you join our Tibet Group tours with at most 10 people in one group to share cost and fun. : )
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Adviser)
James CarrJan,18 2017 21:53:40
Good evening
My girlfriend and I will be traveling from Nepal (where we are doing volunteer work) through Tibet to Lhasa where we will board the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to take us to Shanghai. Then we will fly home to Hong Kong.
Could you please give us some advice as to what visas and documentation we will need. We both have Chinese visas and I have a British passport and my girlfriend has an American passport. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your help.
admin01-232017): Dear James Carr
As you both have the Chinese Visa and would like to enter Tibet from Nepal it is rules from the government that if you want to Enter Directly FROM Nepal to Lhasa then you will have to have the Chinese Group Visa (Tibet Group Visa) which visa will come with an A4 size paper and your Chinese visa which is in your passport will be cancelled by the China Embassy in Kathmandu. For not cancel your Chinese visa you will need to enter Tibet indirectly from Nepal. So You have to take the Flight from Kathmandu to Chengdu or Chongqing then to Lhasa. The Flight will cost almost but you will have to stay overnight there in Mainland China.
Regarding the Tibet Travel Permits once your trip is confirmed then you will have to send me the copy of passports & Chinese visas the permits process will take around 15 days and as soon as we receive the permits then we will send the copy through email and then send the original hard copy of permits to your hotel in Chengdu or Chongqing in Mainland. So that you can enter Tibet with your permits to Tibet.
After your Tibet Tour you both can take the Train from Lhasa to Shanghai as the train tickets will start to sell before 60 days of the train departure date also we can help for booking the tickets without the permits else the tickets will not able to book by the foreign people if they don’t have the permits.
Now we need to know which month or date would you like to do the trip in Tibet based on that we can send you the detail Tour information. Here we also would like to suggest to join with our Group Tour 8 Days EBC adventure as this tour itinerary is the most popular among all the travellers and the itinerary is customised to acclimatise the altitude & then driving further to the Mt. Everest base camp and overnight there by driving through remote areas in Tibet to experience the Tibetan culture.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Christian MeonadaJan,18 2017 21:05:17
I am from Philippines and I am traveling to China for a Tibet Tour So I would like to secure a travel permit.
I will arrive in Guangzhou from Manila on February 17 10:00PM
I plan to ride the train on February 18
In Lhasa I plan to leave by train on February 23
because my flight from Guangzhou to Manila is on February 26 1:00 AM
I would like to visit Buddhist temples and monasteries eat local food and shop souvenirs.
I like to take pictures and videos if permitted.
Please let me know the package price itinerary and how will I pay.
I am on a budget so I would like to take the “hard sleeper“ train.
I will take my own hotel through AirBNB so no need to book me for a hotel
Please get back to me.
Thank you.
Best Regards
admin01-202017): Dear Christian Meonada
If you are on a budget then we highly suggest to do 4 Days Lhasa Highlights Private Tour and we can exclude tourist transportation for 2 days and you need to use the taxi instead. And you need to pay for taxi fees while our guide will take to sites.
To secure a Tibet Travel Permits you need to confirm the tour in 18 days advance and we can secure the permit for you. And for that you need to send me clear scan copies of passport China tourist visa (L type) and tour deposit as well.
Yes you can take the train from Guangzhou and there is no problem with that as well.
You can picture and video during your visit to temples monasteries palaces but at some open areas as some places are not permitted to take photo and videos. we are sure our guide will inform you clearly during your stay here.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Adviser)

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