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kevin chooFeb,13 2017 23:51:40
hi i am a malaysian holding china employment permit. i am currently in fujian. i would like to visit nyingchi and lhasa in one trip by train starting from chongqing. one problem is i would like to start from 20th feb. also during this time my passport would be held by my company HR department or China labour ministry for renewal so i would likely be given a letter by the labor ministry for travel within china (and not have my passport with me). according to my company HR my passport will only be returned to me with renewed work visa on 1 march. i would like to know if this trip is possible under my circumstances if yes i would like to know how much would it cost thank you.
admin02-142017): Dear Kevin choo
But we are sorry to tell you that it is impossible for you travelling to Tibet without passport according to the policy.
AlsoTibet Travel Permits is closed during March every year and will reopen in early April we’d like to suggest you arrive in Tibet around middle April is that ok with you? Because the permit application takes around 15 days.
Best Regards,
Rex (Trip adviser)
Mason KingsburyFeb,12 2017 19:24:12
Hi there I am currently in Nepal and looking to travel to Tibet and then on to Mongolia. I have come across a few options ideally I want to travel overland by train if possible.
Could you please let me know how much a Tibet tourist visa etc would be as I may end up flying from Lhasa to
I‘ll be traveling on the 3rd March
Kind Regards
admin02-132017): Dear Mason Kingsbury
We are sorry to tell you that there’s no train from Nepal to Tibet at this moment you will have to take flight from KTM to Lhasa.
Also Tibet Travel Permits is closed during March every year and will reopen in early April we’d like to suggest you arrive in Tibet around middle April is that ok with you? Because the permit application takes around 15 days.
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Adviser)
Steven QuinteynFeb,07 2017 00:43:13
I would like to join a tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu in July 2017.
Is this possible?
admin02-122017): Dear Steven Quinteyn
Please note that overland tour to Nepal border is no possible as per current government policy as none of borders are open for foreigners.
So now only option is join a group tour and do the tour with best rate and then take a flight to Kathmandu at the end of tour.
And for that we are sure you have few options for group tour like 4 Days Lhasa highlights 6 Days Cultural Experiences 8 Days EBC Exploration and 15 Days Kailash tour as well.
As group tour is the cheapest way to travel Tibet and it’s most suitable for single travellers like you to save money as well.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Adviser)
Nicole GrayFeb,06 2017 17:37:28
Hi.  My husband and I are planning to visit Tibet from about the 8 July this year.  We would like to join a group tour if possible.  Do you have any starting around that time.  Anything from 8 to 14 days would be great.
admin02-112017): Dear Nicole Gray
Tour information:
(Option A)According to your schedule recommend our 8 Days EBC Exploration group tour to you we have a tour departure on July 8th would you please join one of them? For group tour there will be at most 10 group members in one group and the starting and ending dates are fixed. You can share the cost and fun with others.
(Option B)Also we recommend that you join with our Kailash Tour group tour so we recommend our 15 Days Kailash tour group tour there we have a group tour departure date from July 12th for this group tour there will be at most 10 group members in one group.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Adviser)
Yhara QuirozFeb,06 2017 16:12:05
Dear Sir/ Madam
I would like to book the 5 day holy Lhasa tour at the end of July 2017 or first week of August 2017.
I will be travelling alone and I would like to review prices for staying at the St. Regis vs the more economical hotel in Lhasa.
Can you please provide detailed information about the different prices?
Also which would be the easiest & most economical way to arrive in Lhasa? I have not made any travel arrangements so I can plan accordingly.
Thank you in advance for your reply.
Yhara Quiroz
admin02-082017): Dear Yhara Quioz
The most economical way to arrive in Lhasa is actually by taking the train from a city in Mainland China to Lhasa. As there are two ways to enter Tibet. One is from Nepal by taking the Flight to Lhasa & other is to take the flight or Train from Mainland China to Lhasa. But I don’t have any idea from where you will take the international flight to China or Nepal so it will be good to calculate accordingly.
As you are a single traveller it is best idea to take our Group Tour 4 Days Lhasa Highlights and then take one Private day trip to Namtso Lake. That will help for you to reduce the tour cost. As if you take the whole trip as a Private tour then the tour cost will become very high.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Tihana MiloslavicFeb,04 2017 22:57:06
I am writing you about information for Tibet Visa and Permits.
One traveller from Croatiaand one from Serbiawe want to stay for two or three days on Tibetand we want to know how and where we can get our Visas for Tibetin our country or there somewhere.
Thank you in advance.
Tihana Miloslavic
admin02-072017): Dear Tihana Miloslavic
Tibet Visa or Tibet Travel Permits are the same document to enter or visit Tibet. To apply this permits once your trip is booked through us then we will need your clear scan copies of your passports and Chinese visas. The process for the permits will take around 15 Days it is best to apply them in much advance so that we can receive the permits sooner. There is no difference with nationality as right now we can receive the one permits for several different nationalities.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)

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