Self-Drive Tourism Increases In Tibet
One of the major attractions of Southeast Asia, Tibet is a region that sees millions of visitors throughout the year. From all over the world, tourists travel thousands of miles to reach the famous Tibetan plateau, for sightseeing around the world’s highest capital and the fabulous Mount Everest. And this year, the number of tourists traveling to Tibet has increased by more than 20 percent on the previous year. According to the region’s Tourism Development Department, the number of tourists to Tibet was well over 13 million in the first half of the year alone.
Over 600,000 self-drive tourists visited the region in the first half of 2019
Over 600,000 self-drive tourists visited the region in the first half of 2019
One of the major differences this year is the manner in which these tourists Travel to Tibet. This year so far, the number of self-drive tourists visiting the plateau region has increased dramatically on previous years. While exact figures have yet to be released, the Tourism Development Department has stated that the number of self-drive tourists has increased by up to 54 percent in some areas of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Bomi County, in the Nyingchi Prefecture-Level City, saw more than 643,400 self-drive tourists in the first half of 2019, a year-on-year increase of more than 50 percent. And the recent National Day Holiday is expected to push that number up even higher, with many people expected to have driven the long distances from their homes in mainland China to the high-altitude plateau tourist hotspot.

 Better road conditions make self-drive travel to Tibet easier than ever before
Better road conditions make self-drive travel to Tibet easier than ever before
While the main road route to Tibet from mainland China has always been the Qinghai Tibet Highway, running from Xining to Lhasa, the South Line, from Chengdu to Lhasa, is just as popular with self-drive tourists to Tibet. And with the huge number of stunning attractions in the region, from the delights of Mount Kailash and the Guge Kingdom in the west to the beauty of Nyingchi’s Alpine mountain scenery and the outstanding Rongphu Glacier, many of the self-drive tourists are returning year after year. More domestic travelers are avoiding the travel agencies these days, preferring to find their own way around Tibet, mainly so they can make their own decisions and choices on when and where to go.

 Few self-drive tourists reach the most remote areas of Tibet
Few self-drive tourists reach the most remote areas of Tibet
With the increase in the number of self-driving tourists to the region, the businessmen are the main group that have helped to increase these numbers, preferring the quality of touring over cost and time. Tibet currently has eight self-driving lines into Tibet, as well as dozens of others that are mostly unexplored by the self-drive enthusiasts. This often means that these tourists only reach to the sites that are close to these popular roads, and are missing out on much of the region. According to the Tibet Self-Driving and Caravan Camp Association, more information needs to be disseminated about the other lines for the domestic self-drive tourists, so that they can learn more about the culture. The Association’s secretary general, Jia Xianping, said he is hoping to convince the region’s tourism development department to work more with travel agencies to provide better services to self-drive tourists, to better benefit both the tourists and the local residents.
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