Latest Notice Of Tibet Mt Everest Base Camp Restrictions

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According to the <<Nature Reserve Regulation the People’s Republic of China>>, on Dec 5th, the Tingri County Everest Nature Reserve Management Department announced closure that the Everest Base Camp core protective areas beyond the Rongbu monastery would be closed for any individual or organizations, the closure was missioned to protect the Mt Everest base camp ecological environment.
Tibet Mt Everest

Is this really affect your visit to the Everest Base Camp and to see the best view of Mt Everest Peak?
Basically, it won’t affect your visit and to seeing the Mt Everest Peak, because from the Rongbu monastery, you still see the best view of the Mt Everest Peak and even some of the professional photographers highly suggested that Rongbu monastery is the best spot to get great photos of the might peak, with stupas and portion of the monastery building will enrich your photo and color.

The temporarily closed area has no any special things to see as the summer tent guesthouses were already withdrawn since early Oct, so it is usual that all the tourists visiting after Oct are staying at the Rongbu monastery guesthouse and enjoying the view from there. The only thing that was different at the closed tent guesthouse spot was a milestone that inscribed the name and altitude of the Mt Everest.

Viwe of Mt Everest from Rongbu monastery in Tibet

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