Is Tibet Tours Effected By The Deadly Earthquake in Nepal
Some of the areas in the Tibet border are also effected by the deadly earth quake in Nepal on April 25th, like Zhangmu border town, Nyalam, Kyirong and so on which are neighborhood of Nepal. Zhangmu is the Tibet border town from where most of the travelers can enter into Nepal through the friendship bridge, but now the road from Nyalam to Zhangmu in the Tibet side which is about 30km are badly damaged and some travelers are might stuck in Zhangmu as they definitely can’t go to Nepal and can’t return to Lhasa, but the rescue team and road worker are working hard to clear the road.

According to the latest information, travelers are not permitted to go to Shigatse and further beyond by concerning their safety issue, because still there are some aftershocks happening and the reducing the traffic in that area to give more opportunity for rescue team and facilitating trucks going there. Then many people have the questions of which tourist sites are closed for the time and how long it will close? So currently there is no way to go to Everest Base Camp (EBC) and further to the west of Tibet like Mt.Kailash and Manasarovar lake, but so far there is no any information on how long it will close, as soon as there is any information, we will update here and please stay in touch.

If you already booked a EBC tour or Kailash tour in Tibet, then you may need to prepare for a plan “B” and our team at Explore Tibet will provide full support for our clients to build an alternative itinerary or accommodate your interest, so please stay in touch with your Trip Advisor at Explore Tibet and write to them.

If you have friends of family in Tibet, please don’t hesitate to write us and we will try our best to reach them and connect you with them. If they are not with Explore Tibet then try to contact their agent or give us their agent contact and we will help you to find a way to reach to your dear ones.
Last but not the least, let us together pray for those who suffering from this disaster. OM MA NI PAD ME HUM!

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