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The wheel of life by Explore Tibet
Tibetans used to put the wheel of life on our door to protect from evils or also depict it in the entrance to most monasteries, which is an aid to realizing the delusion of the mind. It’s a complex pictorial representation of how delusion chains us to Samsara, the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The wheel is held in the mouth of Yama, the Lord of Death. The inner circle of interdepend desire shows a cockerel (representing desire or attachment) biting a pig (ignorance) biting a snake (hatred or anger). A second ring is divided into figures ascending through the realms on the left and descending on the right. The six inner sector of the wheel symbolize the six realms of rebirth, God, battling demigod and human on upper realms and hungry ghost, hell and animals on lower realms. All beings are reborn through this cycle dependent upon their Karma. The Buddha is depicted outside of the wheel, symbolizing his release into a state or Nirvana.
The bottom of the wheel is hot and cold hell, where Yama holds a mirror that reflects one’s lifetime. A demon to the side holds a scale with black and white pebble, weighing up the good and bad deeds in one’s lifetime. The hungry spirits are recognizable by their huge stomachs, thin needle necks and tiny mouth, which cause them insatiable hunger and thirst. In each life, the Buddha attempts to convey his teachings, offering hope to each realm. 12 outer links of decent origination and the 12 interlinked, code pent and causal experiences of life that perpetuate the cycle of Samsara. The 12 images are of a blind woman-representing ignorance, a potter-unconscious, as monkey-consciousness, a man with narrow in his eye-feeling, a house-the five senses, lovers-contact, a fruit from a tree-attachment, pregnancy-birth and death, a man carrying a corpse to a sky burial.
If you travel Tibet with some local Tibetan guides, then you will definitely hear this story from the local Tibetan guide, as this paintings that you can see in every monastery on the Tibetan plateau.
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