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Once upon a time, travel to Lake Namtso in the winter months from December to March would not have been possible. However, now the roads have been greatly improved, travel to the Heavenly lake as it is known in Tibetan is easily possible, even in the depths of winter. Most tourists only get to see the beauty of Lake Namtso in the summer, when the sun is shining brightly and the pastures around the lake are lush and green from the summer rains.
Winter is a great time to visit Lake Namtso, and already, the scenery around the lake has changed, with snow already having fallen around the lake, turning the entire Namtso National Park in Damxung County into a fairytale winter wonderland. The largest lake in Tibet, this beautiful body of holy water freezes over every winter, and as the snow falls on the hills and mountains that surround the lake, the ice patterns across the lake make for one of the most spectacular photos you could imagine.
Lying in the midst of the snow-covered Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain Range, part of the Transhimalaya that stretch across the center of the entire plateau, this beautiful lake lies at an altitude of around 4,718 meters above sea level. One of the Great Three Holy Lake of Tibet, Lake Namtso is rich with history and legend, and is one of the most important lakes in the ancient Bon religion of the plateau.
The lake is also believed to be the daughter of Indra, a guardian deity in Tibetan Buddhism who was the wife of Nyenchen Tanglha. Nyenchen Tanglha and his wife Namtso are soul-mates in Tibetan legends, who became more beautiful and magnificent the longer they spent together.
The lake is another of the sacred kora sites, and it is believed to be meritorious to perform the ritual kora around the shores of the lake. However, when it is the year of the sheep, it is believed that one circumambulation of the lake is equal to ten thousand in other years. This is because the Buddhist masters and gurus, such as Buddha, Padmasambhava and Je Tsongkhapa visited the lake to hold Buddhist rites on the islands of the lake during the summer months in the years of the Sheep.
The lake is renowned for the Tashi Dor Peninsula, one of five peninsulas that extend into the lake, on which stands the Tashi Monastery, surrounded by the most unusual limestone karst formations and rock bridges. The lake also has five good-sized islands out in it, which were often used by monks and lamas for meditation retreats and hermitages. The lamas would walk out to the islands over the frozen surface of the lake at the end of winter, and spend the summer on the island, unable to return to the mainland until the winter once again freezes the lake’s surface.
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