New Tibetan Fashion Brand Takes On The Global Market
During the New York Fashion Week in September this year, a new fashion brand made its debut showing, with some of the most amazing Tibetan-inspired clothes. Launched at the 2019 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week, YakNorbu, a high-end fashion brand from the Gangqung Vraja Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. In Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, took the fashion world by storm with its stunning creations.

The brand, which translates to “yak treasure” from the original Tibetan, showcased the stunning modern designs and aesthetics of the Tibetan people. Created by Chief Designer, Lan Yu, and her team from Lhasa, these new Tibetan fashion creations are all made from yak wool that was sourced on the high-altitude Tibetan plateau, where the yaks live at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters (13,123 ft) above sea level.

The brand aims to explore and export the ancient and mysterious culture of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism in its brand designs, combining the traditional Tibetan handicrafts and patterns with the modern aesthetics of the fashion world. The show also used models from Tibet, many of whom had never left their home towns and villages before.

The fabrics for the creations of Ms. Yu and her team come from several areas in Tibet, including the small village of Siji Jixiang, a relocation village for poverty alleviation in Quxu County of Lhasa. One of the first relocations villages purposely built to rehouse Tibetan nomads from various parts of the plateau, especially the remote mountains of northern Tibet, the village was fully equipped with facilities for education, healthcare, and entertainment, as well as having a sizeable area for business entrepreneurs, of which the yak wool suppliers for YakNorbu are one.

Siji Jixiang in Quxu County of Lhasa
Ms. Yu also stated that the brand is more than a commercial venture and a way to refresh people’s perception of the traditional handicrafts of Tibet. It is also a way to give hope to some of the local weavers of the traditional Tibetan fabrics, who have always had difficulty in sell their work for a good price. Thanks to the success of YakNorbu in the New York Fashion Week, a lot more weavers from the plateau will be able to get good money for their work, to help make their lives better and have their work recognized around the world.

The village secretary of Siji Jixiang has also spoken about their plans to include three other relocation villages along the Lhasa River Valley to help meet the expected demands of YakNorbu for their fashion items. This plan will help many of the women of the Quxu County to pass on their traditional handicrafts to future generations, ensuring the unique characteristics of the cultural weaving process survive.

Thanks to the fast-growing success of YakNorbu, the essence and beauty of the traditional Tibetan culture has had even more global exposure, which can only help to alleviate the poverty that is still found in many of the outlying areas of Tibet. The fashion creations of Ms. Lu have also been seen at the Paris Haute Couture Week, the Beijing Fashion Week, and were seen being worn by several celebrities at the Cannes Film Festival in May.



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