New Highway To Be Opened Along The Ancient Tea Horse Road To Tibet
Currently, five major National Highways connect mainland China with the Tibet Autonomous Region. But that is soon going to change, with a new national highway being built to connect Qamdo and Nagqu with Shigatse in central Tibet. Known as the National Highway 349, the new road will stretch more than 1,500 kilometers across the plateau, adding another route to the increasing connections in southeast Tibet.

Locations of Sa'gya County and Chag'yab County in the Tibet Autonomous Region
For many years, the National Highways 317 and 318 have been known as the most beautiful roads to enter Tibet along. Stretching for more than 2,000 kilometers each from southwest China’s Sichuan Province to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, these two major roads to the plateau have always been the main touring roads into Nyingchi from southwest China. Now, between the routes of these two stunning, yet dangerous, roads comes a new route to central Tibet, labelled as the National Highway 349 (G349). Starting in the small area of Zhag’yab County in eastern Tibet’s Qamdo Prefecture, the route runs east, mostly along old provincial roads that are little used, to end in Sa’gya County of Shigatse Prefecture in U-Tsang.

A section of the S303 in Banbar County of Chamdo
On its 1,500+ kilometers journey across the plateau, the new highway will follow one of the ancient Tea Horse Roads that ran from eastern Tibet up to the capital. Passing through small communities such as Lhorong, Banbar, and Lhari, finally connecting may of the villages that have little more than dirt tracks leading to them, the route is one of outstanding natural beauty. Smaller communities such as Jinling, Zhongyu, and Jiagong will also benefit from this new road, as it will provide a better connection to bring the modern world into their lives.

Langla Mountain in Zhag'yab County of Chamdo
A huge section of the highway from Jinling in Banbar County to Niwu in Lhari County is already under construction, building brand new road through some of the most outstandingly beautiful countryside in the world. Along with the beauty of the route, the road will take travelers to new areas with numerous stunning mountains, lush deep valleys, and a profound culture and history that pre-dates the Tibetan kings of old.

Kawu Dharmaraja Hot Spring in Sa'gya County of Shigatse
The project to reconstruct the existing road from Lhari to Maizhokunggar is already being completed, and the 91-kilometer section of road is expected to be completed in early 2021. The section between Zhag’yab County and Banbar, which is mostly made up of the S302 and S303 roads, has been listed in the construction as a constituent part of the highway, and will be upgraded in sections after the entire length of the highway is completed.

Dema Snow Mountain in Zhag'yab County of Chamdo
The rarely-used Provincial Highways 302, 305, and 303 normally connect the 214, 317, and 318 into a huge network of roads through Chamdo, Nagchu, and Nyingchi, and will be providing the basic structure for the development of eastern Tibet’s economic zone. One of the key projects in the modernization of roads and highways in Tibet, the section of the 349 from Banbar to Maizhokunggar has a huge significance for the promotion of the economic and social development of this hidden area of southeast Tibet. The route will also promote the development of tourism for Tibet Travel along the line of the 349, and help to improve the living conditions of the villagers that live in this almost-unconnected part of Tibet. With great development in roads in Tibet, it becomes very easy to operate different Tibet Tours in Tibet with varities of itineraries as per the requirement of Touirsts from all around the world. Please contact at sales@exploretibet,com to know more about Tibet and Tibet Tours.
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