ExploreTibet offers Tibet travel alternatives

Now we offers Tibet travel alternatives to travelers seeking Tibetan culture outside of the Tibetan Autonomous Region. Tibet as a land is expansive and rich with many unique groups of Tibetan people and customs. Explore Tibet has expert tour guides that can provide in-depth knowledge on local cultures to those seeking something different from the average tour group experience.

Shangrila in Yunnan province is a nature enthusiast’s dream. A visit to Tiger Leaping Gorge, will awe most as they gaze upon the majesty of the rushing waters. The gorgeous scenery and wildlife of Yunnan will also surely appeal to those seeking to understand the importance of the environment to the local environment. Many local inhabitants still live off the land and produce their own goods. Therefore, although the area has developed somewhat over time it has also remained clean and pristine as to remind others of the importance of nature in the modern world. The local Tibetan population also proudly displays their heritage through traditional architecture of buildings and traditional regional dress which can be seen walking through the famous old town. Travelers may experience a home visit in which they’ll become familiarized with the process of making butter tea and taste the staple of the Tibetan diet, tsampa, which is grounded up roasted barley. In the evening, Tibetan circle dancing will occur in the town square and all are invited to participate or watch on through the night.

We also has tours available to other regions of Tibet, such as Amdo (Eastern Tibet) and Kham (Southern Tibet). “Each of the three major regions of Tibet has its own distinct personality and style which needs to be seen to fully understand how together they form Tibet as a whole” said Explore Tibet.

Throughout the trip travelers will be accompanied by an Explore Tibet guide who has local knowledge of the land, culture, and Tibetan people. Explore Tibet is a Lhasa-based travel agency that uses only local Tibetan guides and drivers. “We are committed to customer service and authentic Tibetan cultural journeys."



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