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Travel restrictions in recent weeks have made it difficult for foreigners to obtain permits to central Tibet. Because of the unpredictably of the permit situation, Explore Tibet is promoting the Kham Tibetan region of western Sichuan as an alternative travel destination. Travelers here face fewer restrictions, and the culture and scenery of this unique region are unparalleled.

The Kham region of eastern Tibet (western Sichuan and Yunnan Province) has a dramatic landscape different from the central part of Tibet. The high altitude Tibetan plateau slopes down into China’s Sichuan basin, and the rivers dropping down from the Himalayan peaks have cut deep narrow gorges with lush vegetation and spectacular waterfalls.

This area is home to the Khampa, a Tibetan cultural group with their own language, clothing, architecture and lifestyle. Kangding, the traditional capital and trading town of Kham, is the gateway toTibet.

Highlights of Kham: 





  • In May, on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month Kangding hosts the Walking Around the Mountain Festival at nearby Paoma Mountain. The festival celebrates the birth of Sakyamuni (Buddha) and Tibetans from all over the region come to the mountain to circumambulate the mountain, have horse races, and participate in other cultural activites.
  • Homestays and trekking in Tagong. Tagong village, west of Kangding, features the Tagong monastery and the nearby Heping Fahui nunnery. The area has scenic Tibet trekking and horseback riding, and the nearby Minyak Gongkar offers a scenic multi-day trekking adventure. Homestays can be arranged with local villagers.
  • Ganzi countryside. North from Tagong travelers reach the town of Ganzi, which features the large Garze Gompa monastery. The area around the city is beautiful, and several monasteries in the surrounding countryside make fantastic trekking destinations. Travelers can stay at the guest house near the well-known Darjay Gompa monastery, which offers a panoramic view of high mountains, grassland and rivers.


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