2015 Tibetan New Year Celebrated By Explore Tibet Local Tibetan Tour Company

Tibetan New Year is called as Losar in Tibetan Language and it is one of the most popular festivals on the Tibetan plateau, it is widely celebrated by almost all the Tibetans, all the Tibetan festivals are based on Tibetan lunar calendar and it is calculated each year by astrologers from the Mentsikhang in Lhasa and Dharamsala. It is based on a cycle of 60 years, each of which is named after one of 12 animals and one of give elements in combinations. A calendrical year normally contains 12 months, but the addition of an extra intercalary month for astrological reasons is not uncommon. In general, the Tibetan lunar month is about two months behind the western calendar. Many festivals are traditionally held throughout the Tibetan calendar – some are nationwide and others applicable to certain area only.
This year Tibetan New Year would be from Feb 19th – March 5th, Tibetans spend almost whole one month to prepare for the new year, Explore Tibet has prepare the Tibetan New Year at the office in Lhasa and all the Tibetan tour guides drivers will celebrate the festival together.
If someone like to travel Tibet and would like to have the authentic Tibetan experiences, then we highly recommend to choose your Tibet tour during the Tibetan New Year and within this short period of time, not only experiences Tibetan festivals Tours but all very strong Tibetan culture.



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