With breathtaking natural landscapes,Tibet is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.When you get close to the warm sunlight, you will be excited to find that there are bloomed meadow, luxuriant forest,and beautiful lichen on rocks and tree. Explore Tibet Team,a professional Tibet travel agency, today introduces a Tibet flower-Wild Chrysanthemum taxa to you.

Wild Chrysanthemum Taxa

Wild Chrysanthemum taxa is one kind of flower,a herbaceous perennial plants or subshrubs.It lives in the mountainous grass land or forest,which stretches across Northwest of Tibet,East of Tibet and the center of diversity is in China at altitudes of 3000 meters.It belongs to one kind of Chrysanthemum.Traditionally,the color of it is yellow, but other colors such as white, purple, and red are also beautiful.

The wild Chrysanthemum taxa can make into Chrysanthemum tea,it is a health tea,fresh with sweet aroma.Chrysanthemum tea can help your body clear heat,and it is good for liver and eyes.Besides,it can be served as cold or hot tea and it can be mixed with other green tea and steep together, in addition, it can be cooked with chicken or egg together.

Stay longer in the city to experience the rich culture and hospitality of Tibet.We hope your Tibet travels are an unforgettable experience.Discover new, enriching trips with in-depth, authentic Tibetan experiences with Explore Tibet.

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