TagongBuddhism was introduced into Tibet from neighboring India in 7th century and gradually it was spread all over Tibet, its ancestral Bon religion became slowly out of favor on the plateau, but both of these religions exist and practiced over the centuries, so many Bon religion traditions influenced the growing Buddhist practices in Tibet, in that way it formed the Tibetan Buddhism tradition, which is slightly different from its origin Buddhism in India.

Tagon2With time flows, Buddhism dominate the whole country and Buddhist traditional practices influenced lifestyle of Tibetan for generations, it became indispensible part of their daily life, for Tibetans, religion plays an important role in their lives.
Dzamogang village is located about 40km south of Tagong in Kham area of Tibet, few years ago, some people from the village initiated the mini carving project on the rocks in the river, it was continued on every winter and when you travel to Tagong, you will see those multicolored scriptures carved on rocks are looking amazing along the road, mini carving on rocks are very traditional practice of earning merits and you will see these almost every temples and monasteries, these are also can be seen on clean passes and river side in Tibet. This winter almost all the capable people from of Dzamogang and other near by villages voluntarily join together and continued their spiritual project, some ride motor bikes and some drive tractors, get up early in the morning and head to the work place, their works are well distributed as ladies are responsible for cooking and painting the carved scriptures, men are doing their rock carvings. The whole valley is like an industry field, singing and chanting which makes it very live and emotional.