The Great 33rd King Of Tibet-Songtsen Gampo.

Songtsen Gampo was enthroned at the age of thirteen. Songtsen Gampo was born in 617 C.E at Galma in Meldro in the northeast of modern Lhasa. He was the founder of Tibetan Empire and the first ever King who introduced Buddhism in Tibet. He is the one of the greatest king in Tibet and the 33rd successor of king’s lineage in Tibet. Songtsen Gampo has three wives, the Tibetan wife called Mongsa Tricham and Nepali wife called princess Bhrikuti and Chinese wife called princess Wencheng. Songtsen Gampo established a summer capital in Lhasa and built a palace on the red hill.He was the pillar of harmony between China,Nepal and Tibet. He also sent his minister Tonmi Sambhota to India to create a written script for Tibetan. Contributions of King Songtsen Gampo to Tibet is so immense that we will not merely state within a short period of time.