Tibet is mystical and famous but yet a remote, distant and a hard to reach place, and the Tibetan plateau is a quarter of China. But this challenging place is the home to animals, no matter small spirits or large creatures. Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, and today introduce a Tibet animal- the crested grebe to you.

The Crested Grebe

The crested grebe is water bird and it is famous for its elaborate mating display. You would always see the crested grebe woos his mate with offerings of weed for her nest. The crested grebe likes to live in some areas with freshwater lakes or reeds range from Europe to Asia. It is resident in the milder west of its range, but migrates from the colder regions with freshwater lakes and reservoirs or the coast.
Its nests are always on the water’s edge, because its legs are very short and it unable to walk on the land very well. The material of its nest are various, such as dead water-plants, weeds and mud. However, it is an excellent swimmer and diver, so it can pursues its fish underwater easily. It mainly feeds on fish, insects and small frogs.
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