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Tibetan Architecture - Wondrous Tibetan Tradition

Tibetan Architecture – Wondrous Tibetan Tradition

As your Tibet tour is going on, one of the most interesting thing you might notice anywhere in Tibet is the architecture, the earliest recorded religious architecture – the Jokhang temple in Lhasa (7th century) owes a lot of its influences from Newari (Nepal) and Pala (Indian) styles. Still, Tibet has gradually grown its own...
Top Five Monasteries in Tibet

Top Five Monasteries in Tibet

Tibetan culture is fully embedded with Buddhism, which is the heart and soul of Tibetan people. There are thousands of temples, stupas, and monasteries in Tibet. Every village, town, and city in Tibet has monasteries, temples, or stupas one way around. This symbolizes how religious Tibetan people are, and their core moral values are hugely dependent...
How to Present and Receive Hada

How to Present and Receive Hada

A very unique tradition in Tibet, the Hada is presented as a traditional way of showing respect and hospitality to visitors to Tibet. The Hada is a long scarf, usually white and made from silk, which symbolizes the purity of the heart of the giver. The Hada itself symbolizes purity and compassion and is presented...
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