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Is Tibet a safe place to Travel?

Is Tibet a safe place to Travel?

“The journey to Tibet is a long one, often fraught with danger and disaster, from which many men will never return.” While this may have been true for the famous botanist and National Geographic writer, Joseph Rock. When he made his eventful expeditions to Southwest China and Tibet in the early 1920s, these days, there...
Tips for Safe Travel in Tibet

Tips for Safe Travel in Tibet

Lying on its high altitude plateau at more than 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) above sea level, the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) is an amazing place to visit, filled with ancient monasteries and temples, high Himalayan mountains, beautiful crystal-clear lakes, and vast open prairies filled with wild yaks and Tibetan antelopes. Tibet is unlike any place...
What is High Altitude Sickness? - By Explore Tibet

What is High Altitude Sickness? – By Explore Tibet

Almost everyone who travels to central or western Tibet will suffer from the effects of altitude sickness. Although Lhasa is one of the lowest places in central Tibet, It is still 3,600 M( 13,000 ft) above sea level. How greatly one is affected by altitude varies from person to person and depends in part on...
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