Mind Your Itineraries – Explore Tibet

A Cool Twilight in Shigatse

If it’s the journey that defines your travel, and not your destinations, your itinerary is what defines your journey. If your itinerary isn’t prepared or given the proper attention, both your journey and destinations are bound southward.

Now, itineraries to travel Tibet can be a bit tricky, unlike like the other travel destinations, in Tibet, you should consult with a government approved travel agency about your own customized itineraries or the ready-made Tibet tour itinerary they have available for you, the ready-mades cover almost pretty much of your interests. But if they don’t, you can always plan your own Tibet tour itinerary with the help of our travel agent.

However, there are a few things you need to be clear on first: What type of tour are you taking? Is it going to be a Group tour, a family tour or a joint group tour? If you want to familiarize yourself about Tibet and destinations in Tibet beforehand, you could get the information on-line from Explore Tibet website and blog or there are some good guide books like Lonely Planet’s Tibet, after that it might get a little easier for you to decide.

When your itinerary is attended for, half your work is done. Then there is your Chinese visa, which you must attain by yourself (if not, Explore Tibet will provide an invitation letter) and Tibet Travel Permits (Explore Tibet will manage it and all the rest of your tour including a Tibet tour guide and a tourism number-plated vehicle). Enjoy your Tibet tour.

Mind Your Itineraries – Explore Tibet

Palgor Chorten, Gyantse