Listen To The Nature & Its Mesmerizing-Explore Tibet.

As i listen, i could hear the chirping sounds of birds in the open air, the wild wind is blowing in a gentle motion and it make me feel as i am listening to the conversation of the nature in their own language. No honing sounds of noisy cars and people,just nature. The way they interact among themselves is mesmerizing. Feel it and you will love it. Tibet is literally a backward community though not in a very large extend yet to some extend we are. We don’t have all these high technological materials in our day to day lives yet we are very much content with what we have. We have what rest of the world could not buy with money or wealth. Tibet is a place where you can see the beauty of the nature and what the real world looks like in the real sense. Keep moving on for the betterment or development. One day we will realize that we have forget to cherish  natural’s treasures yet too late. We have gone quite far along with the development. It’s time for each and every one of us to stay still and take an action to preserve the nature. Global warming is a major issue now and it won’t stop if we still don’t take action. If you need a better place to stay then learn to take care of your nature. Its not only mine or your but our. We seldom think that we are poor in the term of technology field yet we are very rich in the term of natural resources. Those who came to tour Tibet always cultivate a deep love and respect for the natural beauty of Tibet. We never feel we are less than any other communities in the world. Yesterday, your country was like today’s Tibet. You will not need to go and search what real nature is  if you start care the nature.We keep destroying the nature and one day nature will destroy us completely.