Da A Ga - Traditional Roof Building

A particular commoner’s roofing

Among the riches in Tibetan tradition and culture, there is a lot to chant about and long to speak about, but roof building in Tibet is something else to talk about. Apart from the nomads living in yak-hair-spun tents, there one is one of the most unique tradition, unlike most of our traditions and culture, roof fixing a pure Tibet born and not influenced by our neighbouring countries, nor is it practiced anywhere else than in Tibet.

Roofs on most of the Tibetan architectures are flat and edged with knee high walls, as there is little rain or snow, but building the roof is the hardest part of the house, it’s has to be made by pounding hard mixed-clay and gravel with water, pave them on the roof, then tamp the surface with sticks weighted with large stone. The process takes much longer than other kind of roofs, especially before the modern architecture was introduced in Tibet, the new house owners had invite all the capable villagers to help pound the roof. Eventually, the folks have formed the habit of singing while working to ease the hard work and to put up a little fun for the work.

Da A Ga - Traditional Roof Building

Another Tibetan Traditional Styled House on Its Last Few Touches,

As a result, the roof becomes a shiny ground, pretty much hard like concrete roof and resistant to rain water, there is a layer of painted twigs, squashed tight below the roof to give the house a characteristic brown band.

You will see for it yourself when you travel Tibet, especially in the rural parts and monasteries. Since, Tibet architecture is a declining culture among commoners, before of the cheaper and better in material of concrete walls and western styled building are easier to build and takes much less time.