Tibet is a nation with mystery and wonder. But due to the scant rainfall, short growing season, Tibet is lacking in many resources and most Tibet areas are very poor. Each year, hundreds of volunteers participate in many volunteer organizations, and they made a big contribution in many areas, such as health, education, environment, and community development .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, introduces the benefit of being a volunteer in Tibet.

Be a Volunteer in Tibet

Volunteers always immerse themselves in local cultures, and bring their technology to uplift lives of the poor area, as well as bring knowledge to the Tibetan children. At first, you may suffer a serious altitude sickness, such as headaches and insomnia, and this altitude sickness may slow your pace sometimes. But do not worry, because most people will adapt themselves to the low oxygen environment soon by your own willpower.
Volunteers believe that their inner richness and peace came from the activity are cannot be measured by any material goods. Even though their parents and friends cannot understand why they chose this particular work at first, and latter their parents and friends find them obviously gained by the change. Then you will win their support.
The Tibetan volunteer experience makes you become simple, as well as teach you become tolerant and sincere. In addition to volunteer service, participants will have the opportunity to explore the nomadic life of rural Tibetans and the natural beauty and culture of Tibet, as well as witnessing traditional Tibetan festivals and performances.
Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, and offer earnest invitation to you to Tibet no matter you as a volunteer or a visitor.