2014 Year of Horse Mt.Kailash TourAccording to Tibetan Lunar Calendar, 2014 is the horse year and it is a spacial religious year for Mt.Kailash which located in the western Tibet, it is because, Tibetans believe Mt.Kailash was first reopen its religious circuit (Kora) for pilgrim in the year of horse, and since then horse year was celebrated as a holy year for Mt.Kailash pilgrimage, so it happens once in every 12 years and many pilgrims travel there to get the special bless.

Mt.Kailash is situated in the far western part of the Tibetan plateau and it is well known for its holy kora – the circuit around hte sacred mountain is know as the Kailash kora. Tibetans complete the circuit in one long day, starting before dawn, and finishing after nightfall. The minimum time for most Westerners to complete the circuit would be 2 day. Most allow three or four days. Most favorable time is three days which allow you explore around the mystical monasteries and caves along the route, you will also impressed by the mighty view of the Kailash backside from the Dira Puk.

The second day trekking from Dira Puk to Dzultrul Puk is little challenging, as it cross over the highest pass of Dolma la (5200m) and Digu la pass, then it is a long day trek to Dzultrul puk.

The last day is a easy trek back to Darchen, the town from where the kora start.

Find the best of Kailash tour and enjoy your lifetime spiritual journey to this Miracle place.