Sakya monastery

Sakya or Pel Sakya monastery is located 25 kilometer away from the Sakya Bridge on the friendship highway to Nepal. The monastery was established by Khon Kunchok Gyalpo (who studied from Drokmi, a great foremost translator and mystic who also taught Marpa). Choede Jang (Tibetan name for northern Sakya monastery) became the core complex for Sakyapa orders in Tibetan Buddhism which is destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and its precious relics became unknown and ruins. Later in 1268, another construction started on the southern side of the Trum Chu (the river that flows at the center of the two side monastery of Sakya), which is called the Choede Nub (southern Sakya monastery) eventually completed in 1276 by Sakya Tsangpo in order to fulfill the wishes of Drogon Choegyal Phakpa.



Sakya means ‘Grey soil’ in Tibetan where the initial monastery (Northern monastery) was built by Khon Kunchok Gyalpo (1034-1102) in 1073 on the Bon Bon hill which produces natural grey soils. This is one of the great sects of Tibetan Buddhism and the northern monastery became the core center for Sakyapa followers to practice and learn Buddhism in Tibet. Northern monastery became active until the Cultural Revolution where almost all parts of the monastery got huge damage and all the precious relics became ruins and unknown.

Sakyapa’s most popular and respected lamas are called ‘Sakya Gongma Nga’ which literally means the five greatest patriarchs of Sakyapa order. And the Trum Chu (river) flows down the valley along the village buildings.

Later in 1276 which actually started in 1268, the southern monastery was established by Sakya Tsangpo in order to fulfill the wishes of his only master Drogon Choegyal Phakpa. Thus the southern monastery still plays the main role in Sakyapa with extraordinary sceneries and snowcapped mountains and popular 8 hots-prings around the monastery.

In 2011, the Sakya monastery also opened a new center to practice Buddhism Philosophy debate in a huge building with a shiny golden roof. Tibet travelers frequently visit this monastery and explore the new traditions around the Sakya monastery. This is one of the best tourism spots and many tourists appreciate a lot about this sect as well. 



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