Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake -Explore Tibet

Namtso lake is known as one of the holiest lake called Heavenly Lake in Tibetan along with Manasarovar, Yamdrok and Lhamo Lhatso. In the mysterious histories of Tibet, it never vanished its long mythical histories and stunning beauty. The beauty of the holy lake attracts millions of visitors from all over the world each year, the peaceful lake remains a mythical place for many travelers with its unique wonders of the snow capped mountains surrounding the holy lake. Locates on an altitude of 4718 meters (15,475 feet) above sea level with Tashi Do ( a place with numerous histories of facts and myths), Tashi Do is a small hill surrounds with meditation caves and stone pillars of mythical histories in Tibet. Namtso lake covers an area of 1,920 square kilometers with 72 kilometer length and deepest point of 123 meters.
Namtso Lake -Explore Tibet
According to the local legends, the Mount Nyanchen Thangla is deeply adapted with Namtso Lake like a couple because the pure source of Namtso is the melting snow from the Nyanchen Thangla which a matter of fact keeps the holy lake exceptionally clear and clean , where some strange holy stones and meditation caves surrounds the small hill along one side the lake, nomadic tents surrounding the holy place with yaks and sheeps gazing around the place. Nomadic homes belief that their animals are more healthy and stronger than the domestic animals at other part of Tibet, feeding their animals around the holy lake obtains extra health and make their animals more strong. The holy lake is salty type of lake in Tibet and many highland ducks migrate to it only during summer times along pilgrims and prostrating Tibetan peoples around the holy lake. The beauty of the holy lake waves and blue-green waves are gleaming and singing streams converge into clean sapphire blue lake that look like a huge mirror framed and dotted with flowers. 

Namtso Lake -Explore Tibet
Pilgrimage around the holy lake is so popular and religious activity for Tibetan from TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region), Sichuan, Qinghai and Yunan. The trek is very popular among its peoples as the Namtso lake surrounds with four different Buddhist monasteries with its four corners, especially the kora (circumambulating the holy lake) on a special day in lunar calender is equivalent to thousand that is doing in normal life. However, the faithful devotees are the not only adventurer around the holy salty lake, there are lots of foreigners and Chinese who also do the kora with well equipped trekking requirements. Those adventurers also try to adapt with the local peoples while doing the kora around that clean sapphire blue lake. On such time, yaks and sheeps can be every side of the lake, some hundreds of such domestic animals get the food from greenish grasslands and coming near the shore for water, for a photographer this scene will be the most wonderful scenery around the holy lake as with such domestic animals near the lake and giant snow-capped mountains standing at a distance guarding the lake by melting snow and runs into the clean and clear Namtso lake. The holiness of the lake is a strong belief of every Tibetan, that's the reason so many Tibetan are doing the kora by bringing their own foods for days and circulating the holy lake with no hesitation.
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