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20130817-P2 Rein Hold 20130817-P2 Rein Hold

Name: Rein Hold

Country: Germany,China

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Exploration

It would be perfect if the car could provide heatings if cold ourside. Even cant be improved by your agency we know the facilities at EBC should be better (toilet!) Nationalities: Germany/China Travel Date: July 17th-July 24th Itinerary: EBC...
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20130709-P4 William 20130709-P4 William

Name: William CKM

Country: Indonesia,Malaysia,Canada,france

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Exploration

Initially we thought the price was a bit high,but actually its really value for money considering the quality of the services provided (train booking,hotels,cars,personal attention). The programme was well-thought out and considering our saf...
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20130801-P2 Merry 20130801-P2 Merry

Name: Merry LK

Country: Indonesia

Itinerary: 6 Days Cultural Excursion

Well arrangement. We had great days during the trip, Thank you for your hospitality. Nationality: Indonesia Travel Date: August 1st-5th...
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20130801-P2 Kane Lee 20130801-P2 Kane Lee

Name: Kane Lee

Country: Belgium,Hong Kong

Itinerary: 11 Days Cultural and Spiritual Odyssey;

Namlha has been very patient with my slowness I would like to thank him for that carrying things for me which I am not able to do. You may skip the restaurant next to Sera Monastery as it is very dirty. Namlha explained the Tibeta0n Culture,...
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20130801-P2 Philipe 20130801-P2 Philipe


Country: Switzerland

Itinerary: 4 days Lhasa Highlight

Penpa had good recommendation for food and an extensive knowledge of Buddhism. We had great fun. They were a good team. Nationality: swiss Travel Date: August 1st - August 5th Itinerary: Lhasa-Shigatse...
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20130926-P7 Camilo 20130926-P7 Camilo

Name: Camilo 7Pax

Country: 2Colombia,1British, 2German & 2Malaysia

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration group tour

I would suggest the use of another type of bus (foster bus) to reduce the time on the places visited. This especially for the way to EBC which is very long and the stay really short so you leave with the feeling that there was not enough tim...
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<b>20130926-P2 SA</b> 20130926-P2 SA

Name: SA 2Pax

Country: 1Canada & 1Chile

Itinerary: 8 days overland tour to Kathmandu

Our tour of Tibet was excellent and the quality provided by Explore Tibet was comparable with any international tour company. We recognize and appreciate that the company is owned and run by local Tibetan people which allowed us to see and l...
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20130926-P1 Isabelle 20130926-P1 Isabelle

Name: Isabelle 1Pax

Country: France

Itinerary: 8 days overland tour to Kathmandu

The driver was amazing and always kept the car in perfect clean working conditions. No improvement necessary. Our guide is absolutely the most knowledgeable and talented guide (Namguiel) we could have ever hope for. His gentle chanting in Ti...
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20130826-P2 Debby 20130826-P2 Debby

Name: Debby 2Pax

Country: British

Itinerary: 5 days holy Lhasa tour

Our guides knowledge exceeded our expectations. His English was also good. Both our guide and driver were very friendly, punctuate and efficient throughout. This was a great tour and we would certainly recommend Explore Tibet to our friends...
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