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20170829-Varun 20170829-Varun

Name: Varun

Country: UK

Itinerary: 4 days Lhasa highlight

-Would have appreciated more frequent communication during the booking process rether than having to follow up. Saving the above all my emails were answered promptly. -Dhala was a great guide. Excellent ...
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20170909-Michael 20170909-Michael

Name: Michael

Country: USA

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration group tour

Norgya was a great experienced driver who got us to all our destinations safely and Gelek was a great guide who went the extra mile to ensure we enjoyed our trip and they were great fun to by with provided little pieces of insights into the ...
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20170722-Anasasia 20170722-Anasasia

Name: Anasasia

Country: Greek

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

Namyal is a completely professional friendly, knowledgeable. Overall, fantastic tour guide! We felt very safe looked after at all times, confident that he was in control to ensure a wonderful trip. ...
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20170802-Alessio 20170802-Alessio

Name: Alessio

Country: USA

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

The driver and our guide were perfect! Thank you for this experience during those days....
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20170720-Artem 20170720-Artem

Name: Artem

Country: Canada

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

很感谢这次旅行,感谢贵公司合理安排,特别是拥有特别幽默负责的导游,导游具有一口流利的英文。也中英一起翻译,太棒了! 司机,是老司机:)技术帮帮的! 感谢这次西藏之行,...
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20170719-Rossi 20170719-Rossi

Name: Rossi

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

We have been very impressed with Yongphel+Chaoxi, Yongphel is extremely knowledgeable, caring and has a great sense of humor. We would not have asked for a better guide. Thank-you all so much in making our dream trip to Tibet so perfect! A...
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20170712-Lindi 20170712-Lindi

Name: Lindi

Country: Sounth Africa

Itinerary: 15 days Kailash Trekking tour

We would strongly recommend Explore Tibet to anyone travelling to Tibet. We thought that both Tsela and Bakado were excellent. ...
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20170710-Mandar 20170710-Mandar

Name: Mandar

Country: India

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

Yongphel is very enthusiastic, good-humored guide. He was ever-ready to share historical information with interest ,passion about place/people/culture of Tibet. Was great to have him with us. Nyima was very helpful throughout our travels....
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20170703-Brittany 20170703-Brittany

Name: Brittany

Country: USA

Itinerary: 19 days Kailash trekking

We were very impressed with Namyal and Norbu. We had a wonderful trip and enjoyed spending time with them. They were always professional, courteous am flexible. Thank you so much!...
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