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20170708-Rodolfo 20170708-Rodolfo

Name: Rodolfo

Country: Brazil

Itinerary: 6 days cultural tour

We absolutely loved Gaylsten and love for Tibet. It is vast knowledge of Buddhism, his care for our well-being. The tour was perfect for us! He combined adventure, spiritual destinations and the beauty of Tibet and it’s sweet people. Th...
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20170712-Kasandra 20170712-Kasandra

Name: Kasandra

Country: Irish

Itinerary: 15 days Kailash Trekking tour

The trip was very well organized. I believe the group was loved and helped well with acclimatizing. The guide was very well acquired with the history of Tibet and Tibetan Buddism, and the driver was well experienced. Great tour and an a...
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20170712-Renyu 20170712-Renyu

Name: Renyu

Country: USA

Itinerary: 15 days Kailash Trekking tour

Rooney is a really excellent guide and has a big knowledge about Tibet and its history. Dolma is a perfect driver and could drive the van over difficult roads. We had a great holiday and like to say thank you for all! ...
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20170713-Giovanna 20170713-Giovanna

Name: Giovanna

Country: Italy

Itinerary: 15 days Kailash Trekking tour

Overall, the trip was well organized. Both guide and driver helped us whole trop and everything was well organized. Tsela was a great and professional in everything. He was knowledgeable and very patient. I recommend the guide and Explore ...
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20170722-Viola 20170722-Viola

Name: Viola

Country: Indonesia

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

Namgyal is the best tour guide. Not only his knowledge, but also his believe teaches me a lifetime lesson. ...
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20170809-CTE 20170809-CTE

Name: CTE

Country: USA

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural excursion tour

Dharla is an excellent guide. He is knowledgeable, kind, helpful and charming. He is a wonderful representative of the Tibetan people! He represents your company very well!!!...
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20170816-Daniel 20170816-Daniel

Name: Daniel

Country: Canada

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural excursion tour

Dhala is a very nice friendly, knowledgeable tour guide. We had a very nice stay and dreaming, sightseeing experience in our short stay here. He is an excellent guide and we appreciate his assistance very much! ...
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20170817-Andrea 20170817-Andrea

Name: Andrea

Country: USA

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural excursion tour

Penpa went above and beyond to accommodate all of our needs. He had an extremely positive attitude, he was willing to meet our needs at all times during our tour. we would highly recommend him for a friends tour in the future. Thank you Penp...
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20170823-Steve 20170823-Steve

Name: Steve

Country: UK

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

Namyyal is an excellent guide- good at explaining Tibetan Buddhism in a very personal way. Also he’s very helpful and caring, making sure everyone with group is happy. ...
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