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20170401-Carla's Tibet To 20170401-Carla's Tibet To

Name: Carla

Country: USA

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural tour

Wonderful! Stupendous! Amazing! Supurb! Tenpa was awesome- passionate about his culture and religion, incredibly knowledgeable and infinitely patient. Excellent!...
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1031-Aline 1031-Aline

Name: Aline

Country: France

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

Tsela was an excellent guide with a great depth of knowledge regarding all the places we visited, furthermore, he took great care of us and made sure all our needs were met. We particularly enjoyed his passion for the Tibetan culture and h...
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20161031-Elika-Feedback 20161031-Elika-Feedback

Name: Elika

Country: Japan

Itinerary: 8 Days EBC Group Tour

我以为来西藏是非常难的事情,对外国人来说,一定要准备a href= target=_blankustrongfont color=0000FF入藏函/u/strong/font/a,还有西藏内公共交通的发展也还不够。...
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20170623-Samantha Laurie 20170623-Samantha Laurie

Name: Samantha Laurie

Country: USA

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural excursion tour

My tour with Explore Tibet was nothing about of phenomenal. Would absolutely recommend it. Dhala was fantastic. He clearly know his effort. Having a small group was really nice. I cant say how much I liked it. ...
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20170609-Kate Family 20170609-Kate Family

Name: Kate

Country: Australia

Itinerary: 15 days Kailash Trekking tour

Excellent tour! I feel like I have had a real Tibetan experience in Tibet which is what I came for. I have very different perspective of Tibetan culture, religion and lifestyle compared to my understanding before this tour. Appreciate the a...
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20170802-Jojo 20170802-Jojo

Name: Jojo

Country: Malaysia

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration tour

I have an excellent trip! Our guide is extremely remarkable, with a very friendly and helpful love our driver too- for driving us home safely. ...
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20170809-Bessy 20170809-Bessy

Name: Bessy

Country: Singapore

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration group tour

Migdol is a very reliable guide with strong information background, we are glad she is our guide. Dolma is such a responsible driver and we are impressed by how consistent his driving excellence is despite such long hours drive. Thank you Mi...
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20170702-David 20170702-David

Name: David

Country: USA

Itinerary: 4 days Lhasa Highlights

Dharla is very enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. He is an excellent guide and made our visit tour pleasant. Sherry was a very good agent and made our complicated arrangement work out. ...
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20170821-Poma 20170821-Poma

Name: Poma

Country: Philippines

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural excursion tour

We had a wonderful experience in Tibet! The views and sights were breathtaking and the tour was made more interesting and memorable by our guide, Dharla! He was very knowledgeable about the places and was very attendant to all our needs. We ...
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