Melanie Group Tibet Travel Review in June 2014

“Hi we are on our final day of the trip with Explore Tibet, we been here how many days? “Six days” six days, so it is our last day, we wish you want to let you know what a great time we had so far, we started off in Lhasa, we spent three days in Lhasa and then we moved on to Shigatse, and then from Shigatse on to Shegar and then over here to EBC, which is absolutely phenomena, the organizations been spot on, the transport is great, and we had no problems at all, our guide has been absolutely phenomena, our guide Tashi is absolutely phenomena. I can tell you some about the organization process, so Melianie tell you about Samdup.”
“ Some months and months ago, I have been emailing in contact with Samdup, every step of the way he replied very prompt, very well organized, tailored the trip completely to our need, thought about what we need and emend the trip, so that it suites also the best and we had awesome time.”
“Why we really love is been the guide’s passion about Tibet, his knowledge about Tibet and he answered every single question we had, so it’s been brilliant.”
“Yeah, the whole trip been completely out of this world and Tashi has been superb, he is given us so much information everywhere we been and today what a bonus EVERSET.”

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