Frank Boon Tibet Travel Video Feedback in July 2014
Rooney (Guide): “Good morning Explore Tibet, so would you please introduce yourself.” Clients: “ ok we are Frank and I am Boon and just married, living in Hollands (Netherlands), we are on Honey moon, we are now one week in Tibet and enjoying ourselves, now we are at the Mt.Everest.” Rooney (Guide): “So first thing how did think to visit Tibet and Why” Clients: “Why we choose it and what we think about? Why we choose it, because it is unique culture and also unique nature, and want to learn more about Buddhism, and very special country and you don’t get in very easily, that is our reason and we want to try it and likely successes.” Ronney (Guide): “And please let me know why you choose our company.” Clients: “Ahh we did some research on the internet and the most important thing is that it is a Tibetan, guide is Tibetan primarily Tibetan owned, so we are you know basically we get to know the people of this country, so this was my first material, second was yah nice explained as Sherry (Tour consultant) has did lots of work for me and have a great deal, Yeah fast reply and it gave me very good feeling.” Rooney (Guide): “So now you can face to the camera and give a feedback to our company and to our boss, about the our company’s services and tour guide and drivers, whatever their services and also about your trip.” Clients: “Service was very good, yeah, what else it was very nice experiences and we learnt lots about Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism through our guide and knew very much about it, so we learnt a lots, and we seen beautiful things, and the driver was also very good, because it is very difficult road sometimes but we made it, and when I get altitude sickness, I got very good assistance from our guide, so very happy about that. We just straight called and five minutes later Rooney was there, yah it is perfect. And also I think the politic of the explanations, is also one thing you have mention separately, because you got very much detailed information and doing a lots, sometimes it is bit too much but it is better than to say Belabelalaa.. these these and then ok, I think this is making a big difference, and very good English, I want to say that also, very good in understanding and very good.”

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