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Melanie Group Tibet Travel Review in June 2014
Melanie Group Tibet Travel Review in June 2014


“Hi we are on our final day of the trip with Explore Tibet, we been here how many days? “Six days” six days, so it is our last day, we wish you want to let you know what a great time we had so far, we started off in Lhasa, we spent three days in Lhasa and then we moved on to Shigatse, and then from Shigatse on to Shegar and then over here to EBC, which is absolutely phenomena, the organizations been spot on, the transport is great, and we had no problems at all, our guide has been absolutely phenomena, our guide Tashi is absolutely phenomena. I can tell you some about the organization process, so Melianie tell you about Samdup.”
“ Some months and months ago, I have been emailing in contact with Samdup, every step of the way he replied very prompt, very well organized, tailored the trip completely to our need, thought about what we need and emend the trip, so that it suites also the best and we had awesome time.”
“Why we really love is been the guide’s passion about Tibet, his knowledge about Tibet and he answered every single question we had, so it’s been brilliant.”
“Yeah, the whole trip been completely out of this world and Tashi has been superb, he is given us so much information everywhere we been and today what a bonus EVERSET.”
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Lister Couple's Explore Tibet Travel Review in July 2014
Lister Couple's Explore Tibet Travel Review in July 2014


Rooney (Guide): “so first thing I want to ask you why choose our company.”
Clients: “ Ahh because It was, we did research, we had look on the internet, and it was the feedback on the internet, sounds very good comments about Explore Tibet, positive comments from over travelers. Two things, one is use a Tibetan company and Tibetan guides know what they are talking about and second thing is good feedback from over customers.”
Rooney: “so that just with this trip how did you get feeling and how about our tour guide, driver and our company’s arrangement?”
Clients: “ Ah it has been very good, trip of a lifetime, something that we want to do for many years, and we never forget!  Hahahaha, and your knowledge and your willingness to give the real position have been very interesting for us I think, because the special knowledge made us big event for us, but I hope there is no any test for me, because I do not remember everything you told us, we can’t remember, hahaha it has been very good.”
Rooney (Guide): “so if you have any other feedback, you can face to the camera and you can have some feedback to our Boss.”
Clients: “We have been very pleased with Explore Tibet for making the arrangement for the trip, and for the guide and guide’s knowledge and his help, and willingness to get up middle of the night and help, and he is always been helpful, and for the driver, his skill on these road is exceptional, oh it might be driver’s skills and the way you handles the car and got to safe and it is wonderful and everyday being different with having good time. And we can recommend Explore Tibet to other travelers, not have any hesitation to use them for travelling through Tibet, the ability to clear the top of Mt.Everest for us is extraordinary, and them to snow overnight. It just made a wonderful trip something that we wanted to do for many many years.”

Rooney (Guide): “so then now weather is very difficult to see the Everest, all cloudy, but we just have a little bit different, that’s why we saw it when we there.”
Clients: “ I think we are very lucky, very lucky yesterday, we can make the journey and we can see the top and then now snowing.”
Rooney: “ so thank you very much for your support to our company, thank you very much!”
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Frank Boon Tibet Travel Video Feedback in July 2014
Frank Boon Tibet Travel Video Feedback in July 2014


Rooney (Guide): “Good morning Explore Tibet, so would you please introduce yourself.”
Clients: “ ok we are Frank and I am Boon and just married, living in Hollands (Netherlands), we are on Honey moon, we are now one week in Tibet and enjoying ourselves, now we are at the Mt.Everest.”
Rooney (Guide): “So first thing how did think to visit Tibet and Why”
Clients: “Why we choose it and what we think about? Why we choose it, because it is unique culture and also unique nature, and want to learn more about Buddhism, and very special country and you don’t get in very easily, that is our reason and we want to try it and likely successes.”
Ronney (Guide): “And please let me know why you choose our company.”
Clients: “Ahh we did some research on the internet and the most important thing is that it is a Tibetan, guide is Tibetan primarily Tibetan owned, so we are you know basically we get to know the people of this country, so this was my first material, second was yah nice explained as Sherry (Tour consultant) has did lots of work for me and have a great deal, Yeah fast reply and it gave me very good feeling.”
Rooney (Guide): “So now you can face to the camera and give a feedback to our company and to our boss, about the our company’s services and tour guide and drivers, whatever their services and also about your trip.”
Clients: “Service was very good, yeah, what else it was very nice experiences and we learnt lots about Tibet and Buddhism through our guide and knew very much about it, so we learnt a lots, and we seen beautiful things, and the driver was also very good, because it is very difficult road sometimes but we made it, and when I get altitude sickness, I got very good assistance from our guide, so very happy about that. We just straight called and five minutes later Rooney was there, yah it is perfect. And also I think the politic of the explanations, is also one thing you have mention separately, because you got very much detailed information and doing a lots, sometimes it is bit too much but it is better than to say Belabelalaa.. these these and then ok, I think this is making a big difference, and very good English, I want to say that also, very good in understanding and very good.”
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