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Leonardo NovaisFeb,20 2017 17:31:39
Hi! My wife and I are from Brazil. We are in Australia and New Zealand until June.
We would like to visit Tibet in June and we would like to know if there is enough time. Besides:
1) our Chinese Visa expired in December 2016. Do we need another one ? If so can we obtain it in Australia ?
2) what documents we need to go to Tibet ?
3) we are looking for a 6-8 day group excursion for cultural and spiritual experience. Which one do you recommend ?
Thank you
Leonardo Novais
admin02-242017): Dear Leonardo Novais
Permit information: We also need your passport and China visa copy for the permit application. Please send me clear photos or scan copies. If your China Visa is not an "L” visa then you must also provide additional documents such as student certificates work permits residence permits and so on. It will takes at least 18 days to work on the Tibet Travel Permits
for you. As your visa is expired in December so you need to extant or apply a new one. Yes we think you can obtain it in Australia of Chinese embassy but you need to consult with them.
Besides as you will take plane to Lhasa you will need to give us your address in mailand China before flying to Lhasa so that when your permit is issued we will mail it to your hotel which usually takes 3 days with the permit you can board the plane to Lhasa. Thank you.
If you time is allowed then we recommend that you can join our 8 Days EBC Exploration Group Tour this Tibet tour is one of the most popular adventure tours in the world as its visitors cross the mighty Himalayas and view the panorama of the world’s highest peaks but if your time is not enough so we recommend that you also can join our 6 Days Cultural Experiences Group Tour it is also one classic itinerary.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Adviser)
DanieleFeb,19 2017 23:18:39
Hi There we are 2 travellers that would like to visit lhasa in October 2017.
Exactly date to be confirmed because at the moment we just broke the flight to shanghai and then
We are planning to stay 3/4 days and we would like to see as much as we can.
We need a private guide\driver for the entire trip.
Can you please advise the price and itinerary for either 3 days or 4 days.
Thanks in advance
admin02-222017): Dear Daniel
Our private tours are with private fluent English speaking guide local Tibetan driver you can decide where to stay longer for taking photos and shorter to get to next place definitely do not need to take other members into consideration more flexible and everything is prepared for you two only!
Please note that the first week of October is Chinese golden week for national day all of the hotels tickets are going to be fully booked. Therefore we suggest we can schedule the travel time after 7th October to avoid this rush hour.
Since our travellers have to spend the first day in Lhasa for acclimatizing due to the high plateau therefore we suggest you at least spending four days on this tour so that you are able to have enough time to experience the most mysterious culture and tradition in Tibet.You can join our 4 Days Lhasa Highlights Private Tour.
Best Regards
Rex (Trip adviser)
AnareliFeb,18 2017 06:12:24
Hello We are very interested in this tour but we are on a tight schedule because we arrive to Kathmandu on March 31st and have a booked trekking starting on April 10th to the Annapurna Circuit. We were wondering if you have something that goes from Lhasa to the Nepal border including Lhasa Ronghphu Monastery and Everst Tourist/base Camp that lasts 8 days or less from April 1st to April 9th.
Also regarding the Tibet Permit am planning a trip to Nepal-China and I am having troubles finding reliable information on the Tibet tour. I am Mexican so I need a Chinese visa to enter the country I can do the paperwork here in Mexico. I arrive to Kathmandú (from Mexico) on March 31st and I am planning to take a tour around Lhasa from April 2nd to April 9th so I was wondering if there is a way to obtain the Tibet permit here in Mexico or and electronic version so I can take my flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa on April 2nd.
Thank you! Anareli
admin02-212017): Dear Anareli
The border from KTM is close now so you only can flight from KTM or fly to Lhasa after the tour.
Please note: if you plan to come to Tibet from Nepal you don't need to apply for Chinese visa all you need to do is to send us your passport scan or clear photo and we will apply for the Tibet Travel Permit here at the same time we will obtain the Tibet group visa invitation letter here and send it to our Nepalese agent so then our Nepalese agent will meet you at your arrival in Kathmandu and collect your passport to apply for the Group Visa which is compulsory for travellers entering Tibet from Nepal. The group visa application takes at least 2 full working days in Kathmandu therefore please make sure you will be in kathmandu before 2 working days.(Note: the group visa is only applicable from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu)
Tour information:
Yes you can join our 8 Days EBC Exploration Group Tour departure on April 2nd.For group tour there will be at most 10 group members in one group and the starting and ending dates are fixed. You can share the cost and fun with others.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
Ram PatelFeb,17 2017 21:28:57
What is permit entry fee per person if enter from Lasha?
admin02-212017): Dear Ram Patel
Permit information: It is impossible for you to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit without booking a tour together from a travel agency so the permit entry fee will be included in the tour package. And Tibet travel permit process takes around 18 days and we need 3 days to send you the permit in mainland China so we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa. Yes we will take care of the permit for you.
If you find Tibet Tours you are interested in please let me know so that we can arrange for you accordingly.
Best Regards
Rex (Trip adviser)
Mohammed MurthalaFeb,16 2017 20:12:50
Dear  Sir
I am an Indian national and planning a overland trip through my car from the Middle east to India through Central Asia and China Tibet & Nepal by the end quarter of 2017.  I heard now Tibet - Nepal border crossing are closed.  So kindly update me which is the best and safe route.
Thanking you
admin02-202017): Dear Mohammed Murthala
As you know that the Tibet Nepal Border was closed since after the earthquake in Nepal in 2014 the government had closed the border and also stated that it will not open for another 5 years. Due to that reason there will be no possible to do the land drive from Nepal to Tibet. But if there is good news then we will inform you immediately.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
Sky GelbronFeb,16 2017 05:28:34
Hello I‘m interested in traveling into Tibet from Nepal. Is there no way at all to travel by ground and have a private tour? Please let me know.
admin02-202017): Dear Sky Gelbron
Sorry there is no way to do the travel by land from Nepal to Tibet because the Tibet Nepal Border was closed since after the big earthquake in Nepal in 2014 due to that reason the government had closed since after the incident and stated that the border will remain closed for 3 – 5 years because of the safety purpose and underconstruction of the border town and the road. The only option to enter Tibet from Nepal is to take the Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa.
If you are a single traveller then we would suggest to join with one of our Tibet Group tours because the cost for single traveller will become extremely high.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)

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