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Jan SzendzielarzNov,30 2016 04:01:31
I‘m currently in the planning (on my own) stages for Cho Oyu  of spring 2017 from the Tibet side. I have a lot of problems with getting the climb permit for Cho Oyu so I want to ask or you know where can i get this permit who should i contact? I can not even find the information how much it costs...
I will be grateful for any information
admin11-302016): Dear Jan Szendzielarz,
Permit information: Tibet Travel Permits process take around 18 days and we need 3 days to send you the permit in mainland China so we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa. Yes we will take care the permit for you.
Tour information:
We also recommend our 8 Days EBC adventure group tour to you This Tibet tour is one of the most popular adventure tours in the world as its visitors cross the mighty Himalayas and view the panorama of the world’s highest peaks. After seeing the gorgeous golden face of the sun as it reflects off the Mount Everest you will feel everything is worth.
We have a tour departure on April 2nd would you please join one of them? For group tour there will be at most 10 group members in one group and the starting and ending dates are fixed. You can share the cost and fun with others.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Adviser)
Chananan SaengsornNov,28 2016 20:16:52
We‘ve 2 persons and we will arrive to Chendu on December 7 and wonder if I can get a permit by December 12 or 13. I will get a Chinese Visa by November 30.
I interest tibet tours about 4-6 days.
How much it cost?
admin11-292016): Dear Chananan Saengsorn,
We are sorry to inform you that it’s impossible now for us to obtain the Tibet Travel Permits for your arrival on the December 12th. Because the permit application takes around 18 days your time is not enough. Besides due to the computer update in the Tibet government the permit will begin to process from the December 22th.
Could you just postpone your plan for a few days after December 22th? If so we can help you get the permit smoothly.
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Adviser)
HARSHANov,27 2016 20:01:23
What is the process to get a Tibet permit/visa for a South African passport holder.
How long does it take and where can this be appied?
This is for departure on the 05the December
admin12-122016): Dear HARSHA
Tibet Travel Permits;Tibet Travel Permits is an essential permits needed for all the foreign travellers and this permit can be obtained at least 18 days. To apply for the Tibet Travel Permitswe will need you to send us your clear scan copies of passports and Chinese visa.
If you will take plane to Lhasa you will need to give me your last hotel’s name/address in Mainland before flying to Lhasa so that when your permit is issued we will mail it to your hotel that usually takes 3 days with the permit you can board the plane to Lhasa. Thank you.
Firstly we will need to know the following and then we can help for customizing a better trip. Please let me know the specific date of your arriving in Tibet and how many days are going to spend in Tibet if possible in this case we are able to draft an itinerary for you.
Besides we will need to know from where you will enter Tibet and exit Tibet? Do you need us to buy the train tickets or air tickets for you. How many people are there in your group?
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Adviser)
YogaNov,24 2016 05:24:52
Planing to join Jun 2017 trip - kailash tour
2.  I hold US pp and another piligrim coming with me hoding Indian pp. Can we travel together ?
3.  You have not mentioned any details about food you provide. Can you give details about food you serve ?
4. Size of your group ?
admin11-242016): Dear Yoga
Sorry,it will not possible for us to obtain the Tibet Travel Permits for Indian Passport holder as it is the government rules that all the Indian Kailash Travellers have to contact with a Nepal or India base Travel Agency to organize the tour & arrange the Permits. We will not really possible to secure Indian passport holder. I am very sorry for it.
If you want to join with our Group Tour then yes we can organize the
15 Days Kailash Group Tour because we are legitimate to receive the Permits for all the foreign travellers except Indian Kailash Traveller. Please let me know and then I will give you more detail information on your Kailash Tour.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)
seanNov,22 2016 23:54:16
My partner John is in Bejing at the moment. He is a British citizen just visiting there on a tourist visa L1 I believe.
He would like to travel to Tibet Dec 1st- 5th for a spiritual holiday.
The purpose of the travel is supposed to be for meditation and enlightenment and health physical activity and sightseeing.
Could you organise a personal trip for John?
How would the visa situation look?
Can you please let us know ASAP.
Thank you
admin11-232016): Dear Sean
Permit info:Tibet Travel Permits is very essential and must for foreign travellers traveling to Tibet it can be obtained within 15 days. So we request and appreciate you to confirm booking a tour at least 15 days before your trip starts the earlier the better. Then we have enough time to prepare and to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for you.
Will need you to send us clear scan copies or photos of passports and Chinese tourist L type visa. Once we receive all your documents with your tour deposit then we will process them further to work on Tibet Travel Permit.
So we are sorry but we are afraid there’s not enough time for him to start the tour on Dec. 1st there’s only one week left also if he will fly into Lhasa need another 2-3 days to mail the permit to him in Beijing. So there’s not enough time.
Can he start the trip around Dec. 9th or 10th and confirm booking a tour before this weekend?
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Adviser)
SirusNov,22 2016 11:16:05
Hi I would like to know the cost for this trip to my everts and local near by places.  Do I need a visa to come in if I am coming from the US.  Please send me much information as possible.  Also which are the best months to come in.  Thanks!
admin11-232016): Dear Sirus
If you are a single traveller then we would suggest you to take our 15 Days Kailash Group Tour as this Trip will take you visit Mt. Everest and also will take you to do the trekking around the Mt. Kailash. Mt. Kailash is situated in far west of Tibet and that Mountain is the holiest mountain in the world where 4 different religions are worshiping on it. The main reason we suggest to you to take this Group Tour is because the Tour cost is very reasonable for single travellers.
The best season for trekking in Tibet is in the month of May June September & October. July & August are the raining season in Tibet and may not so great for trekking.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Adviser)

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