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Reema GokalNov,26 2015 22:58:42
My mum and i would like to move to live in Tibet.
What is the requirements?
admin(11-27,2015): Dear Reema Gokal,
Please tell me which nationality are you? Only Chinese people can live in Tibet. But you can travel to Tibet.As you will appl y visa, I suggest you can apply “L” type visa. when you apply visa it is much better not to mention Tibet as sometimes the visa won’t issue and sometimes they will give you lesser duration like a month. If you tell them that you want to travel freely in other cities in mainland China they will give you 3 months on tourist visa but they will ask your flight ticket and a hotel booking in China. So that is what you need to prepare first. After that I am sure all will work smoothly. It is your responsibility to obtain the Chinese visa, so just for your information it is better not to list Tibet as your travel destination on your visa application form, just list Chengdu or Beijing, whichever your in-bound city is as your travel destination.So 1st I would like to give you some information our Tibet Travel Permits. Tibet Travel Permits is an essential permits needed for all the foreign travelers and this permit can be obtained with 15 days. To apply for the Tibet Travel Permits I will need you to send us your clear scan copies of passports and Chinese visa. Once I receive all your documents with your tour deposit then I will process them further to work on Tibet Travel Permits.Since after 2007, the Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that all the foreigner should contract with a Lhasa based local agency where every group or individual tourist is compulsory to lead by a licensed guide and driver for whole trip whether a traveler is doing cycling, trekking or driving tours in Tibet. So, any trip in Tibet is selling in packages or organized tours, freelancers or independent travelers are not allowed in whole Tibet. So all our tour is quoted with packages tour include tour guide, tourist van, permit, accommodation in Tibet.Please let me know, from where you would like to enter Tibet? Where will be your next destination after your travel in Tibet? How many people are there in the group? Then I can customize the tour itinarery for you, thank you!
Have a nice day!
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
Gavin EdmondsNov,26 2015 00:08:32
Hi There,
Myself (Australian) and my Chinese partner (currently residing in China) are just looking at (purely investigating at this stage) flying from Shenzhen to Lhasa in November next year.
We are not sure yet as we still don't fully understand the Visa/Permit system. I will be flying to Shenzhen staying for a few days (on a Multiple Entry L Visa) then we are thinking about flying to Lhasa/Kathmandu for up to 10 days. (I plan on staying abroad in China for 30 days in total).The requirements, from what I understand are:I need a Multiple Entry "L visa", I also have to register where I am staying (i.e. the hotel in China) with a Chinese Police Station (or is this for Temporary Residency only?), then I need to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit whilst in China, and I can only travel with accredited tour groups in Tibet? Is this correct?Is this the same for my female partner - can she only travel in tour groups as well? Would she require a Tibet Entry Permit?
I don't know if this makes sens
admin(11-26,2015): Dear Gavin Edmonds,
Yes it made sense! : ) For your Chinese partner, if she has a Chinese ID card (every Chinese citizen has this ID card), then she doesn’t need the Tibet travel permit (TTP) to enter Tibet, she can travel freely in Tibet, without joining a tour group. But if like you, holding a foreign passport, then you must need the TTP to board the plane/train to Tibet, for applying for this TTP, you only need to book a tour with us, sign a contract, and pay for the tour deposit, send me clear copies or photos of your passport and valid Chinese tourist L visa, then we will take care of the rest. The application usually takes around 15 days, once it’s issued, we will need to mail the original permit to your hotel/living place to your departure city, such as Shenzhen, so you will take it with you to board the plane to Lhasa.You don’t have to travel with a group now, even it’s just you in the group, we can arrange the private tour for you only.So your travel route will be Shen Zhen – Tibet – fly to Kathmandu? After Kathmandu, Nepal, where you will fly to ?
If you have any questions regarding to your Tibet tour, please write to me.
Wish you a good day! : )
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
Erene TanNov,22 2015 13:45:29
Which month is a good season to travel EBC?
admin(11-24,2015): Dear Erene Tan,
EBC’s altitude is very high, around 5,000m, so temperature is low, especially in the mroning and at night, and living condition there is not good, very basic service in the tent guesthouse. So if you cannot bear the coldness, it’s better for you to travel in warm season, from May to September.Looking forward to hearing from you. : )
Wish you a good day!
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
Akash GargNov,18 2015 18:16:04
Hi We are Indian passport holders planning a road trip in our private car from India to Europe via Nepal, Tibet, China..for Nepal, there is no requirement for a Visa. We can get a China Visa through the embassy here
Can you please let us know all the formalities for Tibet Permit, and also the permit required for our car.
Akash Garg
admin(11-19,2015): Dear Akash Garg,
Please note: if you plan to come to Tibet from Nepal, you don't need to apply for Chinese visa, all you need to do is to send us your passport scan or clear photo and we will apply for the Tibet travel permit here, at the same time we will obtain the Tibet group visa invitation letter here and send it to our Nepalese agent, so then our Nepalese agent will meet you at your arrival in Kathmandu and collect your passport to apply for the Group Visa which is compulsory for travelers entering Tibet from Nepal. The group visa application takes at least 2 full working days in Kathmandu, therefore please make sure you have enough time for that. (Note: the group visa is only applicable from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu) The price per person on our website is for reference, not a quotation, we don’t charge any fees for the TGV application, just to help our clients who need the TGV to contact the Nepal agent, he has been helping many of our clients get the TGV, and is very professional and no mistake.The Group Visa has 30 days Valid Date, you can stay in mailand China(such as Shanghai, beijing) within this period. You and your firiend will share the same group visa and you need to leave together from the same place. So, yes, you can by train from Lhasa to Shanghai and flying from Shanghai back to Switzerland.Now firstly I will need to know the following and then I can help for customizing a better trip.Please let me know the specific date of your arriving in Tibet and how many days are going to spend in Tibet if possible in this case I am able to draft an itienrary for you.Looking forward to hear from you soon!
Have a nice day!
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)
TeguhNov,17 2015 05:18:56
Dear sir, is that right Taiwanese may travel to Tibet only in group of 4 people or more, AND must not travel wuth other foreigners? My brother and I plan to go to Tibet on May 2016, but we hold different passport, Taiwan, Indonesia, USA.
admin(11-19,2015): Dear Teguh,
Yes, it’s true that for this year all Taiwanese group should be at least with 4 people but can travel with other foreigners. So I am not sure whether this rule will practice for next year or not.If you want an exact information it’s better to contact me back at the end of Feb or March.So that I can check it for you for next year and give you exact information.Hope it is clear to you if not then please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Best Regards
Samdup (Your Trip Advisor)
Joao MansoNov,15 2015 22:24:31
Starting March 2016 I will be travelling from Portugal to Timor Leste by motorbike.
I would like to cross China, preferably Tibet, on the way.
This would be around 3 weeks in May.
Are you able to assist me?
Thank you,
Joao Manso
admin(11-16,2015): Dear Joao Manso,
If you are thinking of crossing Tibet from/ to Nepal or China mainland, we can help for customizing a tour itinerary for you. First I would like to know, how many days are you planning to take the trip in Tibet? How many people are there in your group? Are you interested to visit the Mt. Everest Base Camp, the south face of Mt. Everest? Please answer me all these questions and then, we can discuss further with your trip in Tibet, if you have any questions or need any assistance then, please always feel free to contact me. Thank you and always looking forward to hear from you.
Have a nice day!!!
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)

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