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DanielApr,27 2016 17:26:09
Dear sir/madame,
After reading about the Tibet travel permit on your website, I would like to ask you, if your service could provide me with the permit. My plan is to take the train from Chengdu to Lhasa, at the 8th of may. I would like to explore Lhasa and perhaps it's surroundings, after which I will take a flight to Kathmandu on the 15th of may.
Thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Daniël van Staveren
admin(04-29,2016): Dear Daniel,
We can help apply for Tibet travel permit for travellers, but your time is very tight, the application process takes around 15 days, today is already April 27th, from April 30th to May 2nd, it’s a holiday in China, Tourism bureau won’t be at work, so I don’t think we can get you the permit for you to departing on May 8th, could you please postpone your departure date to around May 12th? And need to send clear copies or photos of your passport and valid Chinese visa now for starting the permit application. But that will depend on you booking a tour with us!
Would you like to join our group tour 4 Days Lhasa highlights, arriving in Lhasa on May 13th, and finishing on May 16th? If the schedule is not suitable for you from May 13th to 16th, you can do a private tour, but will be more expensive. Also need to start around May 12th, leaving us enough time for the permit application.
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
Casey BarnesApr,27 2016 14:17:08
Dear Sir/Madam,
My wife and I are planning to travel to Tibet this summer from late July to late August. We would like to reserve the train from Beijing to Lhasa. When in Tibet we are planning to spend two or three days in Lhasa then to go out. We would like to do as much trekking as possible. What do you recommend for good 4-7 day treks? Can you reserve the train from Beijing? What are the usual costs associated with travel outside of Lhasa? Thank you for any information you can provide.
admin(04-29,2016): Dear Casey Barnes,
Yes, We can book the train ticket for you, though July, August and September are high Tourism season in Tibet, automatically the train tickets demands from mainland China to Lhasa will rise extreme high. Also in per train, there are 32 soft sleeper and 64 hard sleeper. So, it is very difficult to book the train, so we can’t give guarantee for the soft sleeper. But we are sure that we will try our best and use all the resources to get the train tickets for you. Please note that usually it won’t be a problem since you need only one train ticket.Based on your trip information, I would suggest a two different itineraries as, both of these itinerary has the trekking for 3 – 4.5 days. 15 Days Kailash Tour (Group Tour), and the 10 Days Ganden - Samye Trekking (Private tour) and the cost of private tours are higher than the Group tours.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
JoaquimApr,25 2016 16:32:37
Hi, I have plans to visit Nepal and Tibet next June. I was wondering how much time it takes to have the Tibet Travel Permit issued after I book a tour. For example, if the tour to TIbet departs on june 23, can I get to Nepal on the 22? Or is it advisable to arrive a couple of days in advance in order to get the Tibet Travel Permit issued?
admin(04-29,2016): Dear Joaqim,
As you plan to come to Tibet from Nepal, you don't need to apply for Chinese visa, all you need to do is to send us your passport scan or clear photo and we will apply for the Tibet travel permit info here, at the same time we will obtain the Tibet group visa invitation letter here and send it to our Nepalese agent, so then our Nepalese agent will meet you at your arrival in Kathmandu and collect your passport to apply for the Group Visa which is compulsory for travellers entering Tibet from Nepal. The group visa application takes at least 2 full working days in Kathmandu, therefore please make sure you have enough time for that. (Note: the group visa is only applicable from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu).
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
FranciscoApr,24 2016 00:09:07
Hi! I´ll went china in next june for a mandarin student season. I´ll arrive in China 3 weeks before, decided to make an alone train trip : shanghai-nanjing-xian-lassa-beijing Can you guys help me with the tibetanian visa? Regards,
admin(04-29,2016): Dear Francisco,
Yes, we can help you with applying for the Tibet travel permit, the application takes around 15 days, so you need to book as soon as possible if you plan to travel in May. On what date you want to take the train from Xian to Lhasa? I will check if there are still tickets left for booking. How many days do you plan to tour in Tibet? I will suggest you itinerary according to your duration time. Or as you are travelling alone, I would like to suggest you to join our group tours to share the cost with maximum 9 travelling in one group, please check our group tours in this link: Tibet Group tours.
Best Regards
Sherry (Your Trip Advisor)
ConstantineApr,23 2016 11:44:53
Dear Sir/madam,
I am a foreigner working and living in China, I have residence and work permit. Do I need any special visa or entry permit if I want to travel to Tibet autonomous region? If so, how long does it take to grant one?
Best regards,
admin(04-29,2016): Dear Constantine,
The Tibet travel permit process will take around 15 days. As you are also holding the Chinese working visa, so for the process of the Tibet travel Permits, we need your clear scan copies of passport, Chinese working visa and also additional document of approving that your working visa. As you already mentioned that you have the Chinese Work Permit, so that is great for the permit process.
Now, I will need to know when do you like to take your trip in Tibet? Here I also would like to suggest our Group Tour 8 Days EBC Exploration, as this itinerary is the best and the most popular among all the travellers in Tibet. Please check with our Group Tour information through website; 8 Days EBC adventure.
Best Regards
Kalsang Namgyal (Your Trip Advisor)
Dean JohnstonApr,21 2016 08:13:59
Dear Explore Tibet staff,
I'm writing to you to enquire about obtaining a Tibet entry permit.
I am an Australian airline pilot, and will be flying in to Wuhan on the 17th of May, and flying out on the 21st of May.
I would like to visit Lhasa for two nights during that time. I am looking into flying from Wuhan to Chengdu and then catching the train to Lhasa.
Do you provide day tours around Lhasa, and are you able to assist with a travel permit?
Kind regards,
admin(04-27,2016): Dear Dean,
Tibet travel permit info: Since after 2007, the Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that all the foreigner should contract with a Lhasa based local agency where every group or individual tourist is compulsory to lead by a licensed guide and driver for whole trip whether a traveller is doing cycling, trekking or driving tours in Tibet. So, any trip in Tibet is selling in packages or organized tours, freelancers or independent travellers are not allowed in whole Tibet. So all our tour is quoted with packages tour include tour guide, tourist van, permit, accommodation in Tibet. Please take the above point into serious consideration and then plan your tour, since those rules are directly from local government and that is out of our hand.Also no travel agencies can arrange free days for foreign travellers in Tibet, so we have to arrange daily programs for you, and guide’s service. But if you require, we can arrange easy program which takes less time in a day, you will have enough time to walk around and have meals by yourselves. How about I will not arrange car for you in Lhasa, you can guide can take taxi, you can pay the taxi fees by yourself. This is what I can do to save your budget. 4 Days Lhasa highlights
Best Regards
Mia (Trip Advisor)

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