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LewisAug,24 2014 11:40:54
  I am in Lhasa on a tour. Am I allowed to purchase air tickets and leave Lhasa for Beijing ahead of schedule, and will the airport authorities check for my Tibet Travel Permit upon leaving?
Thank you!
admin(08-27,2014): Hi Lewis, Don’t worry about it, you can buy your ticket and leave early, the airport won’t check your permit when you leave, even if they check, you can just tell them you have altitude sickness, you have to leave early.(Kate)
Himadri BiswasAug,22 2014 17:20:59
Need some help with Tibet visa . I am hoping to go to Kailash-Mansarovar trip through Kodari on Nepal-Tibet border. I will be flying to kathamandu from Delhi on 9 Septemebr and then hope to go to Kailash-Mansarovar for holy pilgrimage for Hindus.
Can you please help me in getting trhe visa for entry thorugh Kodari Border ? Me and my wife would be travelling on Australian Passport ? or is there anyway we can go to Lhasa by air from kathmandu and return to Kathmandu from Lhasa by air ? How much would it cost ?
Then wish to undertake a tour of Kailash-Mansarovar from Lhasa and return  How many days does it take?
Is that possible between 10 September and 20 September ? please let me know.
I will be grateful for your help
admin(08-27,2014): Dear Himadri, Based on your information that you have given, I am afraid to tell you that this year, the rules and regulations for Tibet Travel Permit of Mt. Kailash Tour is changing a lot. The latest information says that we will need at least 3 travelers from same nationality. As you hold the Australian passports, so you will need to have 3rd person to obtain the Tibet Travel Permits.
This Tibet Travel Permits will take at least 20 days to obtain it, so as you mentioned that you would like to do the Kailash Tour from September 10th, this would be not possible for us, to obtain the Tibet Travel permits, as the Shoton Festival in Lhasa is from August 25th to September 1st. So all the official departments like Tibet Tourism Bureau will be closed and the process for permit will need to stop. So it is impossible to obtain the Tibet Travel Permits 9 days.
If you have 3 people for the Kailash tour and also if your traveling schedule can be changed to end of September, then we can work permits and will use all our resources to obtain the Tibet permits for you.
There are several tours for the Mt. Kailash and please check those itinerary and if you have any questions or need any re-customize the itinerary then please always feel free to contact me. Thank you so much and always looking forward to hear from you. 14-16 Days Kailash Group Tour(Kalsang)
Luis Angel BustamanteAug,21 2014 02:56:04
Hello I write from Argentina, please send me informations of other tours and  price  in Tibet, Have you information in Spanish ????
Thanks you
admin(08-27,2014): Dear Luis, First of all, I am very sorry to say that we use only English and we do not have any Spanish language services.
As you are interested to do our group tour, 14 – 16 Days Kailash Tour, here 1st I would like to tell you that, there is few new rules and regulations for Tibet Travel Permits for Kailash. It says that we need at least 3 people from the same country, like 3 Argentines and if you have 3 Argentines then we can apply the Tibet Travel Permits for you.

Also I will need to know, how many people are there in your group and when do you like to do this tour, based on these information, I will further information for Tibet trip. Any how here I drafted the detailed tour itinerary and the tour cost, so please check them carefully.(Kalsang)
NeerajAug,16 2014 02:25:05
I am an Indian and would like to visit Lhasa,Yamdrok and Namco Lakes and other lakes places in Tibet. The tour can be 7-10 days long. How best to visit these places and the best time to visit them. Thank you.
admin(08-19,2014): Dear Neeraj, As you are interested to travel in Tibet to visit Lhasa, Yamdrok and Namtso lake, So here I would like to a tour itinerary and if you have any questions or need any services then please always feel free to contact me.
6 Day Lhasa- Yamdrok – Namtso Exploration;
Day 1. Arrival in Lhasa;
Day 2. Arrival in Lhasa;
Attractions; Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple;
Day 3. Lhasa Sightseeing;
Attractions; Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery;
Day 4. Lhasa – Gyangtse - Shigatse;
Attractions; Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Kumbum & Pelchoe Monastery;
Day 5. Shigatse – Namtso;
Attractions; Yangpa Chen Hotspring;
Day 6. Namtso – Lhasa;
Attractions; Namtso Lake & Northern part of Tibetan Nomadic life;
Day 7. Departure;
If you would do with the above itinerary then it is best to do in the mid of September. As the weather during that time, is the end of Rainy season and you have a very beautiful blue sky.
I also would like to know, when will you like to do this tour and also with how many people are there for this tour, based on these information, we can discuss further.
If you have any questions or need any services then please always feel free to contact me. Thank you so much and always looking forward to hear from you.(Kalsang)
NedaAug,12 2014 21:00:48
We are a group of 4 people with three different nationalities as below:
2 Americans
1 German
1 Iranian
Please let us know if that is possible to get us permit? We have heard in each group only 2 nationalities are allowed, is that true? How can we get permit for all of us? Can we apply individually?
We d like to get trains from Shaghai to Lhasa on Sep.  26th evening or 27th early morning. Please let know what time we should get the train so we could enjoy the scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Platea during the day when the train passes through this route?
Please give us a quote to visit all Tibet highlights for our trip Sep. 29-Oct. 12 which is return from Lhasa to Shanghai on plane.
Thank you!
Please reply ASAP!
admin(08-14,2014): Dear Neda, Actually the permit Kailash has a restriction saying that there should be 3 or more people in the group from same nationality but not for other areas like Mt.Everest, Lhokha prefecture, Shigatse prefecture and Nyingtri prefecture as well. For other parts a permit can be mixed nationality but less than 5 different nationalities and you are totally ok as you have only three nations in your group.
So please let me know which kind of trip do you want to do so that I can suggest you accordingly, you can make some reference so that I know which kind of trip you will like.
About the train tickets from Shanghai to Lhasa it is very difficult to book due to National holiday on China around your vacation schedule.
So the best option will be train from Xining as there will be more trains and more chance to get train tickets since more than 8000 tourists are coming to Tibet everyday that time.
The flight ticket is usually not a problem but we can’t guarantee you due to National holiday.
But if you book your trip more than in two months advance then we might be able to get the tickets from you but train ticket from Xining.
Hope everything is clear to you if not then please feel free to ask me.(Samdup)
Donald PennyAug,11 2014 21:59:20
I am planning on traveling to Tibet from Taijuan end of September (25-26?).  I will fly into Lhasa and was wondering what travel options and cost  you can offer.  I will be traveling alone but I am open to joining a few other travelers on your end  if that makes sense.  I was thinking about Lhasa to Katmandu via land?  How long would this take?  Please note:  I am a professional photographer and I am 6'5" (very tall!).  
I was referred to you by Land of Snows
I look forward to your reply.
Don Penny
admin(08-14,2014): Dear Donald, Just to make sure, by traveling from Taijuan, did you mean from Taiyuan, Shanxi province, China? please correct me, thank you.We have group tour 8 days overland to Nepal border tour with arriving in Lhasa on Sep. the 11th, 19th, and 30th . please let me know which date is more suitable for you? thanks.
I have no idea about height in feet, but I just checked online, it’s almost 2 meters? Wow, you are in deed very tall. Have you experienced any big trouble because of that? If so I would want like to know, and just prevent some potential trouble for you. if no, then it would be no problem. Thank you.Please check the itinerary and price for this group tour in Sep. (Sherry)

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