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Melissa LiApr,22 2014 23:41:58
I am interested in your 4 day Lhasa Highlight tour departing on September 19 or 27, 2014. Can you please let me know approximately how much flights will cost roundtrip from Kathmandu to Lhasa?
admin(04-23,2014): Dear Melissa, One way flgiht ticket from Kathmandu to Lhasa cost is between CNY3,000 to CNY4,000 per ticket (we can give you the exact cost when we book your flight ticket). Available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
IF you start your Tibet tour from Kathmandu Lhasa, firstly you have to obtian Tibet group visa form Chines Embassy in Nepal.

Note: If you obtain (TGV) group visa from Chinese Embassy In Nepal they will cancel your individule visa which you obtian from your contry. So I would suggest you, start your tour from Kathmandu to Kunming and Kunming to Lhasa by flight because the flight fees are cheaper than Kathmandu to Lhasa and your individule visa will not be cancel. We can obtain your Tibet travel permit with your clear scan copy passport, China tourist visa.

The flight cost are below, please check it.
Connection flight from Kathmandu to Kunming, Kunming to Lhasa flight tickets cost CNY3,000 included flight taxes. Available on every day and this cost is on Sep 18th and 19th . flight fees are changeable.
For round trip it’s cost CNY6,000.
Our group tour you are interest to join is available on Sep 19th and 27th. Our group tour is suitable and resonable for the solo travel the group size is less than 8 members and services are same as private tour because we don’t have any hidden cost. The tour cost is CNY3,200 per person plus CNY500 for single room supplement – if you require one room or there are no member who share the room with you. I am happy to tell you that if you book the group tour before in 3 months we offer 5% disount from the tour cost, so your tour cost will be CNY3,040 pluys CNY500 for the single room supplement. Please let me know if you ar interest in it there for I will send you the tour itinerary and servises in detail.
Hope the above information is helpful for you, if not, please feel free to write to me.(Dolma)
oliveApr,20 2014 17:08:05
I was wondering if you do tours from Kathmandu overland to Mt Kailash then ending in Lhasa? I will be in Kathmandu at the late July/early August.
If not could you suggest any variations of this itinerary ?
Kind Regards
admin(04-23,2014): Dear Olive, We have group tour for Kailash on 20th Aug but note that all our group tours are only guaranteed if there is at least three people in the group. So right now there is no one inquiring for the group tour and if anyone shows up the I will inform you in first hand.
In case if you want guarantee departure for only two of you then we can also do that but there will be cost difference as well. For details please check at
14-16 Days Kailash Group Tour.
Hope the information is clear to you if not then please feel free to ask me.(Samdup)
Shraddha NairApr,16 2014 22:19:55
Could you please help me with the details of the tour packages that you have for Tibet. We are 2 people.
admin(04-23,2014): Dear Shraddha, The Tibet travel permit process takes around 15 days and we need 3 days to delivery your original permit where you stay in city mainland China. So we need your clear scanned copy of passport and China tourist visa 20 days in advance for the Tibet travel permit application.
We have 4 days Lhasa Highlight , 8 days EBC Exploration and 8 days overland to Nepal border, all are the group tour which you can plan to join. We have fix departure date, so I would suggest you to visit our website at Tibet Group Tours
to choose your schedule as your plan.
Please let me know when you are going to starts and ends the tour to Tibet? There I can quote tour itinerary and cost for you.
Hope the above information is helpful for you, if not, please feel free to write to me.(Dolma)
venkateshwaran MApr,15 2014 22:19:01
i am from india, from the southern state of tamilnadu. Actually i dont have a group to accompany me during the journey to mt.kailash. i am interested in visiting kailash once during this summer. can you please let me know the appropriate travel plan and the list of expenditures during the plan. I am at the age of 26 and have just started earning,so i want to keep the expenses as minimum as possible. Looking forward to join the trip.
admin(04-23,2014): Dear Venkateshwaran, As you are interested to travel around Mt. Kailash, I would like to suggest you to join with a bigger Indian Groups, as we are able to organize the Tibet tour for Indians to Kailash Yatra above 20 people in the group.
Importantly, at the moment Tibet Travel Permit which is most necessary permit for all the forigners to travel in Tibet is suspended for Kailash Yatra. So as soon as I got any good news of re-opening the Tibet Travel Permit for Kailash Yatra then I will let you know 1st handedly.
If you have any questions or any services need from us then please feel free to contact with me.
Best Regards
James HoadleyApr,04 2014 16:15:45
I wish to make a Mt Kailesh trip starting from Katmandu, flying to Lhasa, joining a group tour to Mt Kailesh returning to Katmandu (ie not having to go back to Lhasa)  by 4x wheel drive through the mountains
Please explain my best way forward re all the permits one seems to have to obtain. Do I obtain any China visa from my home country NZ or obtain nothing and sort it all out in Katmandu. I can obtain the air flight Katmandu to Lhasa, then I need your help re the group tours, accommodation, camping meals etc I am a budget traveller  so I am not into paying mega money like an American thanks
admin(04-06,2014): Dear James, If you coming from Nepal: You don’t need to obtian the China visa form your country because if you enter form Nepal you need group visa, so please send us your passport copy and we will apply for the permit with the copy of the passports, then you should obtain the Tibet Group Visa (same as Chinese Visa) from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, but you can’t apply for the Group Visa by yourself and you should apply it through a local Nepalese agency, so we will use our contact Nepalese agency for you, therefore please give us your hotel detail in Kathmandu and we will provide you our contact agency information that you can contact when you checked in the hotel. Then they will meet you at the hotel and collect your passports for the visa application. Make sure you have at least 2 full working days in Kathmandu for the visa process and cost of the visa and Nepalese agency service fees are not included in our tour cost, for more detail of the Group Visa and cost please check on our website on this link Tibet visa & permits
Our group tour is suitable for the solo traveler and budget tourist and the services are same as private tour, we don’t have any hidden cost. Our 16 days kailash group tour booking is before 3 months in advance, so please let me know when you are entering in Tibet? The group tour cost is CNY15,000 per person based on 3 people plus CNY650 sinlge room supplement, CNY11,00 per person based on 4-6 people plus CNY650 single room supplement and CNY9,800 per person based on 7-8 people plus CNY650 for single room supplement if thre is no people who share the rooms. For more infomaion please visit our website at 14-16 Days Kailash Group Tour and choose your schedule.
The permit process takes around 25 days and you have to confirm the tour before 1 month, then we can obtian the permit on time.
I am sending you the tour itinerary and inclusion services, please check the detailed itinerary I sent to you by email.(Dolma)
LousApr,03 2014 12:22:32
Is It possible to travel to Tibet holding a student visa issued in chengdu?
admin(04-06,2014): The Sichuan to Tibet Southern route tour is closed from 2008. While you are more interested to visit, so we have so many different itineraries for your choice.
While you are a student, it is positively possible to apply for Tibet Travel Permit, though on the top of Student Visa we need an Approval Letter from your university saying that you are the student from this college with your passport name and number on it.
Please let me know, when will you visit Tibet and how many people is there in your group?
If you have any questions or any services need from us then please feel free to contact with me. (Kalsang)

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