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20170408-Education tour F 20170408-Education tour F

Name: Education tour

Country: USA

Itinerary: 10 day Education tour

Wonderful and intormative. I feel lucky to have the guide we do because of both his attitude and extensive knowledge. It has been incredible to learn so much about Tibet from such an interesting and passionate man....
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20170402-Mark Feedback 20170402-Mark Feedback

Name: Mark

Country: UK

Itinerary: 8 days EBC tour

Thoroughly enjoyed traveling with Gyaltsen and Dhupten. They were always helpful, patient and fun. Gyaltsen’s knowledge of the sights was amazing. He was very helpful, when choosing place to eat and drink, driving us to excellent places to...
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20170402-Nina Feedabck 20170402-Nina Feedabck

Name: Nina


Itinerary: 8 days EBC tour

Gyaltsen was outstanding! His knowledge was never ending and he was patient and kind even when asked the same question many times. I would recommend your company and use you again if I return to Tibet. Thank you for a job and well done....
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20170401-Carla Feedback 20170401-Carla Feedback

Name: Carla

Country: USA

Itinerary: 6 days Cultural tour

Wonderful! Stupendous! Amazing! Supurb! Tenpa was awesome- passionate about his culture and religion, incredibly knowledgeable and infinitely patient. Excellent!...
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20170405-Paulina Feeback 20170405-Paulina Feeback

Name: Paulina

Country: UK

Itinerary: 8 days EBC adventure tours

Very very good tour. Tsela the guide has broad knowledge of everything, very good, Tsela. About the history and Buddhas. And sense of humor. The driver has very good driving skills and relaxed....
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20170402- Kimm Feedback 20170402- Kimm Feedback

Name: Kimm

Country: UK

Itinerary: 8 days EBC exploration

Gyaltsen made this tour with his in-depth knowledge, enthusiasm and gentle, intelligent-wise approach. The tour was fascinating and it would have been very difficult without a guide who had so much information and whose English was so very g...
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20170402SA Alec Feedback 20170402SA Alec Feedback

Name: Alec

Country: UK

Itinerary: 8 days EBC tour

An excellent tour, Gyaltsen has the patience of saint, dealing with customers. Everyone made to feel welcome at all times. Mia was also excellent during the booking. ...
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2017-0402JA KATE Feedback 2017-0402JA KATE Feedback

Name: Kate

Country: USD

Itinerary: 8 days Tibet tour

Thank you very much for guiding us in Tibet. You are friendly and professional. We had a wonderful time with you. This trip had been the most exciting and memorable in my life.(you can tell Sonam I said so. ) Enjoy your rest until your n...
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20170402-Linda-Feedback 20170402-Linda-Feedback

Name: Linda

Country: U.S.A.

Itinerary: 8 Days Tibet Tour

Thank you so much for a wonderful tour of your country, it is nice to meet a local who is not a “handler” simply vetted for language skills or suitability for dealing with foreigners, visitor, you also come across as authentically and ge...
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